Princeton Police Department Blotter Jan. 26-28


Jan. 26

DUI, POSSESSION OF A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE: Patrolmen J.A. Angle, C.C. Gum, S.M. Severt, W.W. McGuire and A.S. Epperson, along with Detective C.C. Butler responded to a report of a reckless driver on Courthouse Road. Butler reported seeing a white Nissan following another vehicle too closely, and officers attempted to stop the suspect Nissan, using lights and sirens. The suspect pulled over in the Airway Motel parking area. Epperson then made contact with the suspect driver. As the officer approached the driver’s door, and he reported the driver had bloodshot, watery, droopy eyes.

The female driver allegedly agreed to field sobriety testing, during which, she allegedly showed multiple instances of impairment. The driver reportedly refused to submit to a drug screening blood test at Princeton Community Hospital or to undergo an interview with a drug-recognition expert. She did, however, allege she had just taken her medication before she drove. That medication allegedly included Depakote, Zoloft, Neurontin and Suboxone, many of which can cause impairment when driving. Due to the driver’s actions and officers’ observations while she was driving, Epperson placed Megan Thomas, 27, of Bramwell, into custody, and an inventory of her vehicle was conducted.

That inventory revealed several of the medications listed above, with prescriptions to the driver. In addition, a prescription bottle with a blacked-out label was also allegedly found containing 291 Lorazepam 1 mg tablets. Lorazepam is a Schedule IV controlled substance. Thomas was then charged with DUI and possession of a Level IV controlled substance.

OBSTRUCTING AN OFFICER, DISORDERLY CONDUCT, BRANDISHING: Patrolmen J.A. Angle, W.W. McGuire and A.S. Epperson responded to a brandishing complaint at an apartment at 1133 Mercer St., where Epperson encountered the owner of the building, who stated he had a video of the brandishing incident. He identified the woman who was allegedly the suspect in the situation. The officer approached the woman in question, who reportedly said several times she did not have a knife in her hand, and the officer advised he had seen video of her with a knife in hand, waving it at residents in the hallway, waving it in a threatening manner. The woman then allegedly became very irate, loud and boisterous. Epperson then reported the woman refused to quiet down, was very unsteady on her feet and smelled strongly of alcoholic beverage. Deborah Cooper, 49, of Princeton, was arrested on the listed charges and transported to Princeton Police Department for processing.

Jan. 27

FLEEING WITH RECKLESS INDIFFERENCE, DRIVING REVOKED FOR DUI, FRAUDULENT MVI, IMPROPER REGISTRATION: Detective C.C. Butler and Ptlm. S.M. Severt were patrolling Mercer Street when they reported seeing a red and black Pontiac Firebird traveling West with a blue piece of paper taped where the inspection sticker should have been. Butler then turned around and activated emergency lights to initiate a traffic stop as the vehicle turned south on South Seventh Street. The driver produced a driver’s license and title to the vehicle, but no insurance, proof of registration or MVI on the vehicle. A Mercer 911 check on the vehicle and the driver indicated the woman’s license was revoked for DUI, and the registration did not link to that vehicle.

As Butler began to write the driver, Amanda Combs, 27, of Princeton, a citation the officer reported he heard the engine of the Firebird start and rev up, and at that time, the car accelerated to a high rate of speed and began to flee on South Seventh Street, without stopping at the intersection of Princeton Avenue. Combs continued, accelerating onto Brick, Rogers and Locust streets until she reached U.S. 460, where she, at times, allegedly reached speeds of up to 90 mph during a very busy time of day, weaving through traffic and cutting other motorists off.

Eventually, Combs exited U.S. 460 and found her way to Morrison Drive, where she continued to cut other vehicles off and often wound up in the oncoming lane of traffic. She allegedly endangered traffic on every route she took, and Lt. J.D. Halsey alerted other officers he was setting up a spike strip and stopping traffic in both directions near Grant’s on New Hope Road. Combs ran across the spike strip, which flattened both of her front tires, and her vehicle stopped approximately a quarter-mile past the strip. Officers then removed Combs from the vehicle and placed her under arrest.

She then told the officer she knew her license was revoked and knew she was going to be arrested anyway, so she took a chance on running.

DRIVING REVOKED FOR DUI, SECOND OFFENSE: Ptlm. S.M. Severt received a phone call from off-duty officer W.W. McGuire in reference to a man with a revoked license driving his black moped on Old Bluefield Road moving toward Princeton city limits. Officers then headed toward the area and saw him driving west on Stafford Drive and pull into the parking lot of McDonald’s Detective C.C. Butler and Severt then made contact with Raymond Chatting, 57, of Princeton, and placed him under arrest for driving on the revoked license.

Jan. 28

BREACH OF PEACE, OBSTRUCTING AN OFFICER, PUBLIC INTOXICATION, DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY: Ptlm. J.A. Angle reported driving through the Kroger parking lot when he saw a male picking up parking barricades and throwing them into the ditch.

The officer noted the man was unsteady on his feet and appeared to be intoxicated in public when the incident took place. Since Angle was not on duty when the incident took place and wearing plain clothes, he identified himself to the man. Angle also knew the man had two outstanding warrants for failure to appear in court pending against him, so he phoned for police backup, exited his person vehicle and advised the man to stand still until an on-duty officer arrived at the scene. The suspect then attempted to walk away. Angle then reported that he stopped the man, who allegedly turned around and swung his closed-handed fist at Angle in an attempt to hit him. Angle reported using an arm bar take-down, and both men went to the ground. He secured Charles Ellison, 55, of Princeton, until other officers could arrive to execute the warrants.

BREACH OF PEACE: Patrolmen J.A. Angle, A.S. Epperson, S.M. Severt, C.C. Gum and W.W. McGuire responded to a disturbance at an apartment on Mercer Street. On scene, an neighbors advised the suspect and her roommate were constantly harassing them and coming over to their door, trying to start a fight. Angle and several other officers have responded numerous times to 1133 Mercer St., to the same call, dealing with the same situations, with the same suspect allegedly inciting violence. Officers placed both subjects into custody on the listed charge. Peggy Sparks, 60, of Princeton, and Deborah Cooper, 49, of Princeton, were charged with breach of peace.

DOMESTIC BATTERY: Ptlm. E.D. Leftwich was dispatched to a residence at 1133 Mercer St., where a woman met officers and stated a woman hit her in the face. Leftwich advised he could see marks on the right side of the woman’s face, along with some swelling. The complainant advised that Peggy Sparks, 60, of Princeton, hit her to prevent her from sleeping. The officer then went upstairs and placed Sparks into custody. He noted that both the complainant and the suspect smelled of alcoholic beverage.