Princeton Police blotter


June 7

BREACH OF PEACE: Ptlm. J.A. Angle responded to a residence on North Walker Street, where he reported seeing a flashlight shining around the residence, while multiple subjects were located behind the home, with multiple items from the home.

The suspects had lived at the residence but had been told to leave and not return due to conditions that were not sanitary. While securing the site, officials found multiple uncapped hypodermic needles and other drug paraphernalia. The house was also allegedly trashed, contributing to the deteriorating living conditions at the home.

Cristen Meadow, 31, of Princeton, and Barry Farley, 26, of Princeton, were charged with Breach of Peace, processed and transported to Southern Regional Jail.

BREACH OF PEACE, DISCHARGING A FIREARM: Ptlm. J.A. Angle responded to North Third Street, in reference to a shots-fired complaint. When officers arrived, they reported finding a man staggering in the roadway. Upon speaking with the suspect, Angle noted an odor of alcohol on the suspect’s person and seeing him carrying an open, 22-ounce container of Steel Reserve. Angle then secured the 9 mm Kel-Tec firearm.

The suspect then advised he should have 10 bullets but had fired several rounds near Steele’s Plumbing. Since the suspect appeared very intoxicated and said he had been firing ammunition within 500 feet of a dwelling, Shawn Grogan, 30, of Rock, was charged with breach of peace and discharging a firearm (within 500 feet of a residence).

FIRING A WEAPON IN CITY LIMITS, BREACH OF PEACE, PUBLIC INTOXICATION: Ptlm. A.S. Epperson and D. Gibson responded to a shots-fired complaint on Meadow Street. Epperson entered from the Park Avenue end and reported hearing a shot from the rear of the house next door to the caller’s house. Officers walked around the home and found a suspect standing in the back yard holding something in his hand.

Officers ordered him to drop what was in his hand and raise his hands. The man allegedly hesitated at first but finally dropped a magazine from a pistol to the ground. Epperson then grabbed the man and placed him in custody.

Officers then located the pistol on the steps beside where the man had been standing.

Epperson reported smelling alcohol on the man’s breath and noticed the man was unsteady on hi sweet and slurred his speech. John Farley, 40, of Bluefield , was charged with the listed offenses.

June 9

FLEEING IN VEHICLE, IMPROPER PASSING, LEFT OF CENTER, RECKLESS DRIVING: At approximately 5:50 p.m., Ptlm. E.D. Leftwich was in the area of West Main Street, attempting to locate a possible DUI on a motorcycle. While traveling west on Honaker Avenue, Leftwich spotted a motorcycle matching the description of the one mentioned in the BOLO turn west onto Honaker from Karnes Street. The officer activated his emergency blue lights and siren to begin a traffic stop on the motorcycle. Despite the 30 mph speed limit, the vehicle maintained a 45 mph speed, while swerving and drifting in and out of his lane of travel. After coming close to Lower Bell Street the motorcycle came close to Lower Belle St., but headed west toward the entrance of Black Oak Rd.

Leftwich’s pursuit continued west toward the entrance to Black Oak Road and into Kegley, where the motorcycle driver increased his speed to 70 map After he went under the Kegley Trestle Bridge, the driver allegedly crashed the vehicle just before the turn near Shawnee Baptist Church. The driver was later identified as Kermit Gillispie Jr. 48, of Lashmeet.

Due to injuries sustained in his crash, Gillispie was found to be in critical condition. He was transported to Roanoke Community Hospital Saturday, where he died this week.

June 10

BREACH OF PEACE: Ptlm. J.A. Angle responded to a residence at 404 Princeton Ave., where a physical altercation was reported. At the scene, a complainant reported she saw a juvenile riding a bike in the roadway without a helmet and approached him to tell him he needed to wear a helmet at all times while riding a bike, especially in the roadway. Witnesses told the officer the woman approached the juvenile, grabbed him by the shirt and began to yell and curse at him. Even as officers attempted to talk with the woman, she allegedly became very loud and belligerent with them, using racial slurs to make her point. Chelcie Baker, 29, of Princeton, was charged with breach of peace.

June 12

SHOPLIFTING, DRUG PARAPHERNALIA: Ptlm. J.A. Angle responded to Grants at the Athens Crossroads, where employees reported seeing a customer shoplifting. Officers viewed video of a customer and identified him as a customer staying at Budget Inn. Numerous officers had encountered the man during the night and found him in Apartment 105, along with numerous items from Grants and man drug paraphernalia. Justin Johnson, 30, of Princeton, was charged with the listed crime.

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