Princeton Police blotter


Aug. 30

DUI-CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE, HIT AND RUN WITH DAMAGE: At approximately 5:12 p.m., Ptlm. C.C. Butler received a 911 call from the intersection of Ingleside Road and Stafford Drive, where a four-vehicle crash was reported. Upon arrival, the officer made contact with a female, who was operating the first vehicle that was struck in the rear. She stated she was facing south at the intersection when a maroon Ford truck pulled out and fled the scene of the crash. The driver alleged the older-model truck with something large in the bed pulled forward and caused her to strike two other vehicles, before fleeing westbound onto Stafford Drive toward Courthouse Road. Butler advised other officers of the description, and approximately five minutes later, Sgt. J.L. Faris located the suspect vehicle pulling eastbound onto U.S. 460 from Courthouse Road.

Faris then conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle, noting there was a large riding lawnmower in the back of the truck bed, along with other lawn care equipment. Butler then responded to the traffic stop, where he reported seeing damage to the front bumper of the Ford that would be consistent with the damage to the other vehicles at the crash scene. Butler also noted that the truck driver’s pupils were constricted, as he advised he was scared when he fled the scene of the accident. He was also allegedly very unsteady on his feet as he walked the side of the road with the officers.

The driver, Jeffery Robinett, 30, of Princeton, told officers he had taken his prescription Neurontin that day. He allegedly showed impairment on three field sobriety tests and refused a blood draw at Princeton Community Hospital. Robinett was charged with DUI and Hit and Run with damage. He was transported to PPD for processing and Southern Regional Jail to await arraignment. He as also found to be the driver at fault for the four-vehicle crash.

Aug. 31

OBSTRUCTING: Lt. Detective E.T. Pugh responded to Cheap Thrills on Stafford Drive, where a complainant reported property was stolen. A store employee reported a suspect was attempting to recover property he claimed to be stolen. The suspect reported he contacted West Virginia State Police in reference to stolen property, but he did not have a police report or court order to recover the property. Pugh explained once more that he would need proper paperwork in order for the store to release the property he was attempting to reclaim. Still, the man refused to leave. Pugh then placed Richard Franklin, 41, of Big Sandy, under arrest for obstructing and transported him to Princeton Police Department.

FAILURE TO APPEAR, SHOPLIFTING, ASSAULT, OBSTRUCTING, DRUG PARAPHERNALIA, DRIVING SUSPENDED: At 8:43 a.m., Sgt. J.L. Faris responded to Kroger, where a shoplifter allegedly fled the scene. Upon arrival, the officer spoke with the store manager, who advised a black female had attempted to bite him while escaping from employees. The manager did note that the female fled in an older, brown sedan. At approximately 3:26 p.m., Faris observed a vehicle matching the manager’s description driven by a black female in the area of South Walker Street and conducted a traffic stop. The driver of the vehicle was Mescher Miles, 40, of Princeton, who currently has a suspended driver’s license. She was allegedly wearing sunglasses and carrying a keychain that was observed in the surveillance footage of the shoplifter at Kroger. She also had an active warrant from PPD. She was arrested at that time and transported to PPD for processing. A receipt of the items stolen during the shoplifting incident was prepared by the store, and the shoplifting offense tallied more than $440.

Sept. 1

DUI: Ptlm. W.W. McGuire reported seeing a blue Buick Regal traveling in a reckless manner on North Walker Street. McGuire conducted a traffic stop on Low Gap Road after seeing the vehicle swerving from side to side multiple times and spanning both lanes of travel. The officer reported smelling the distinct odor of alcohol on the driver, who alleged he had consumed alcohol about 10 that morning, even though the stop occurred at approximately 9:20 p.m. McGuire then asked the suspect to perform field sobriety testing, to which, the suspect allegedly agreed, reportedly showing severe impairment on all three segments. On a preliminary breath test, the suspect’s blood-alcohol content registered at 0.159. At that time, John Gray, 26, of Bluefield, was placed under arrest and transported to Princeton Police Department for processing.

FUGITIVE FROM JUSTICE: While traveling on Mercer Street, Ptlm. W.W. McGuire reported seeing Jeffrey Tait standing in front of Oasis Food Mart, located at the intersection of Mercer and North Seventh Street. Upon brief observation, the officer noticed a large object protruding from the back of his shirt. The officer determined the object was likely armed by either a large knife or a firearm, and he decided to speak with the male. After a Terry frisk, the officer reported locating seven knives and one toy gun, which was concealed in the subject’s waistband. A Mercer 911 review of Tait’s history revealed he was a fugitive from justice and was wanted in Tazewell County, Va. Tait, 34, of Bluefield, was then placed into custody and transported to Princeton Police Department for processing.

Sept. 3

SIMPLE POSSESSION: Ptlm. J.A. Angle responded to an apartment on Thorn Street, where an altercation was reported. When officers entered, they reported seeing uncapped hypodermic needles and several pill bottles. The suspect allegedly entered the apartment carrying an open container of Ice House and a purse. Upon placing the female in handcuffs, officers also allegedly found a pill bottle her purse containing Xanax and Neurontin. All of the items were then seized, and all individuals in the apartment alleged the items belonged to the suspect, Savannah Griffith, 22, of Princeton.

Sept. 4

VIOLATION OF DVP, FLEEING ON FOOT, OBSTRUCTING/RESISTING AN OFFICER, ASSAULT ON OFFICER: Ptlm. R.S. Dyson received a report from a female alleging a male violated a domestic violence protective order she filed against him. The female showed the officer multiple Facebook Messenger messages she allegedly received from the male threatening her. Sgt. J.L. Faris confirmed the male had been served with the protective order prior to the messages being sent, and the female pledged she would print the Facebook messages from the suspect.

Faris and other PPD members then proceeded to the suspect’s residence on Princeton Avenue. When they arrived, the suspect allegedly fled on foot and was apprehended on the porch next door. Gary Sanders, 29, of Princeton, was then arrested and transported to Princeton Police Department. Upon arriving at PPD, the suspect requested to be taken to Princeton Community Hospital for treatment. At PCH, the suspect was admitted and placed in a room. There, he allegedly attempted to make a phone call from the hospital phone. Faris advised the suspect multiple times to put the phone down, and the suspect allegedly refused, at which time, the suspect allegedly appeared to swing the phone in the direction of Dyson. At that point, Faris reportedly struck the suspect in the abdomen, causing the suspect to drop the phone.

Sanders was then transported back to PPD, processed and transported to Southern Regional Jail to await arraignment.

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