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Oct. 22

LEAVING SCENE OF AN ACCIDENT, POSSESSION OF SCHEDULE II CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE, DRIVING SUSPENDED: At approximately 3:50 p.m., Ptlm. J.E. Carroll responded to the parking area of the Mercer County Technical Education Center, where a one-vehicle crash with a male subject leaving the scene. Upon arrival, the officer reported seeing a trailblazer in the ditch almost being flipped over on its side.

Carroll then went to the Sheetz on Courthouse Road and saw a male at the gas pumps with a gas can meeting the description through Mercer 911. At that time, the officer made contact with a male who said he was the driver of the vehicle. The male stated he ran out of gas and pushed the vehicle over in the ditch. He reported he left the vehicle to get gas in a can. There were two females in a vehicle at Sheetz, and Carroll reportedly saw the male attempting to tell them something about his vehicle.

The driver alleged he was trying to tell them to get a smoking device out of the vehicle for him, and he told the officer his license was suspended for unpaid citations. Carroll then arrested Timothy McCowan, 53, of Princeton, and transported him to the scene of the accident. There, the Carroll attempted to find the driver’s insurance and registration card inside the vehicle. When he opened the center console, Carroll reported seeing a smoking device used to smoke methamphetamine, along with two hydrocodone capsules and a clear baggie containing what appeared to be meth. The officer seized the drugs and arrested McCowan.

Oct. 24

EMBEZZLEMENT: On several dates, including but not limited to Oct. 5, 12, and 13 of this year, the owner of Yummi Japan reported recording an employee embezzling money from her place of employment. The employee had been working at the restaurant for approximately one year and was trusted to manage the cash register and take food orders. In the submitted video, PPD Lt. Detective E.T. Pugh reported seeing the employee, Mckenzie Christian, 19, of Rock, take money for the registers and put it in her pocket. On Oct. 23, Christian was arrested and transported before a Mercer County magistrate for arraignment.

Oct. 25

CHILD NEGLECT RESULTING IN INJURY: At approximately 5:20 p.m., Ptlm. C.C. Butler was contacted by a Child Protective Services worker who asked that officers accompany her to a home on South Avenue to remove three children between the ages of 5 and 11 from a residence, where their safety was in question. When officers and CPS workers arrived, the officers located the children’s father in the backyard of the home. He reported that the children and their mother were at a local restaurant, where they were allegedly getting dinner.

Officers then conducted a safety pat-down on the father, at which time, they allegedly found multiple hypodermic needles in his back pocket and retrieved them as evidence. Acting on a search warrant, officers then entered the residence, reportedly observing garbage and dirty clothes covering the floor of the residence and molding food throughout the home and all over the counters of the kitchen.

Butler reported there was no water or electrical service in the residence, and the home was allegedly quite cool, with no power. He noted finding only one bed in the home for five people. There was also only one propane heater inside the residence, and it appeared to also serve as a cooking stove, since there was a pan with fries on top of it.

Officers searched the home and its refrigerator for edible food, finding none. They did, however, allegedly find more hypodermic needles and suboxone in the home, along with six or seven kittens that also appeared to be malnourished. Butler reported the residence smelled overwhelmingly of cat urine and feces.

While officers examined and photographed the home, PPD Lt. R.M. Combs returned to the residence with the children’s mother and the three children. CPS officials then notified officers that all of the children and the two parents were being taken into the state’s custody.

Officers arrested Sarah Hazelwood, 27, of Princeton, and Brian Hazelwood, 31, of Princeton, were transported to Princeton Police Department, where they were processed and awaited arraignment.

Butler also noted that photographs were taken of the children’s faces and hands to document they were dirty. CPS workers cleaned them and took them to get some dinner. Mercer County Animal Control was notified, and officers seized all of the cats at the scene.

Oct. 26

POSSESSION OF A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE: At approximately 3 p.m., Ptlm. J.E. Carroll stopped a white Nissan sedan on Beckley Road, when he allegedly observed the driver not wearing a safety belt. After executing a traffic stop, the officer made contact with the driver and passenger, reporting the passenger was behaving strangely, shaking excessively. At that point, Carroll asked Ptlm. R.S. Dyson to have the passenger exit the vehicle and conduct a safety pat-down to make sure she did not have anything to hurt officers. While Dyson did that, Carroll noted several clear baggies in the center console consistent with illegal drug use.

At that point, the passenger, who reportedly owned the vehicle,  agreed to allow officers to search the vehicle. Prior to searching the vehicle, the passenger reported she had some marijuana on her person, along with a cigarette pack in the passenger door with some unknown illegal substances inside. Carroll then obtained a suboxone strip, one Clonazepam and a clear plastic baggie containing a crystal substance believed to be methamphetamine.

The officer also found a clear bag of a green substance believed to be marijuana inside her purse. Sabrina Jackson, 28, of Bluefield, was then arrested on a charge of possession of a controlled substance. She was transported to Princeton Police Department for processing.

SIMPLE POSSESSION: As officers attempted to serve a warrant on Pamela Phillips at 947 Mercer St., Sgt. E.C. Nunn located a known associate of the suspect identified as Michael Niswander. Nunn then detained Niswander, while other officers continued to search for Phillips. Niswander advised he had two “rigs” in his pocket, prompting Nunn to retrieve two needles and several pill containers in his pockets. The pill containers did not have Niswander’s name on them and contained multiple types of controlled substances inside. Niswander, 47, of Princeton, was then detained and transported to PPD for processing. There, Nunn sorted the controlled substances, identifying five different types of controlled pills and a green, leafy substance believed to be marijuana.

SHOPLIFTING, THIRD OFFENSE: Officers responded to Family Dollar on Stafford Drive, where a shoplifter was reported. Before arriving at the store, officers were advised the suspect had left the store and was heading toward Kroger. There, officers encountered Cristen Meador, who had multiple items on her person. The suspect alleged she had taken several items from Family Dollar but had not taken anything from Kroger.

The items on her person reportedly totaled more than $100. Meador, 31, of Princeton, was then transported to Princeton Police Department on a charge of shoplifting. She had previous convictions of shoplifting in 2017 and 2018.

Oct. 27

SIMPLE POSSESSION, NO PROOF OF INSURANCE, DRIVING SUSPENDED: At approximately 2:34 p.m., Ptlm. J.E. Carroll stopped a silver Pontiac Grand Prix at the intersection of Karnes and West Main Street for a defective third brake light. Upon approaching the driver, Carroll reported smelling the odor of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. The officer then asked the driver for his registration and insurance information. The driver then advised his license was suspended.

When Carroll asked about the scent of marijuana, the driver advised he had smoked a small roach inside the vehicle the previous night. After verifying that the driver’s license was suspended, the officer searched the vehicle for drugs and/or alcohol and reported locating a full-sized marijuana cigar under one of the seats

He then arrested Trampus Burton, 42, of Princeton, on the listed charges and transported him to Princeton Police Department for processing.

OBSTRUCTION, FAILURE TO APPEAR, SHOPLIFTING: Ptlm. E.D. Leftwich reported seeing a blue Dodge truck disabled in the middle of the road with a female in the passenger seat. After approaching the female, the officer asked what happened. The woman advised the vehicle ran out of gas, but “Travis went to get some.”

At first, the woman indicated she had been driving, but she later informed the officer “Destiny” was driving. Then, she couldn’t recall “Destiny’s” last name. After a period of time, Travis Phillips arrived to put fuel in the truck, but various members of the community continued to change the story on whether Destiny Hawke or Diane Britt were driving the vehicle. Leftwich then arrested Destiny Hawke, 21, of Princeton, and Krystal Britt, 24, of Goochland, Va., on charges of obstruction, and transported them to Princeton Police Department for processing. He also noted that neither have valid driver’s licenses in any municipality he could identify.

Oct. 29

DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE: Officers responded to Summit Bank, where a woman was reported nodding off in the bank’s drive-through. Prior to officers’ arrival, Mercer 911 advised the woman was sitting in the driver’s seat of a black Ford Fusion. When they arrived, the woman allegedly appeared drowsy and uncoordinated. Ptlm. D. Gibson reported explaining the field-sobriety tests and asking the woman to attempt them.

The driver allegedly showed impairment in multiple segments. Brianna Wright, 26, of Princeton, was then taken into custody and transported to Princeton Police Department on a charge of driving under the influence.

Gibson reported reading the West Virginia Implied Consent form to the driver before performing the secondary chemical breath test, but the on-station Intoximeter was non-operational.

Gibson then requested a Drug Recognition Expert to perform further examination for narcotics, and a copy of the report was forwarded to the expert.

Mercer County Sheriff’s Department DRE A.M. Ballard responded and read Write her Miranda rights before evaluating her. She then allegedly admitted to consuming methamphetamine and Xanax before driving. Wright was then processed per departmental regulation and arraigned.

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