Princeton Police blotter


May 23

BREACH OF PEACE, OBSTRUCTION: Ptlm. E.D. Leftwich responded to a disturbance at an apartment on Stafford Drive. There, the resident reported a male entered the apartment and kneeled on the floor to pray. The resident reported asking the male to leave. Leftwich also reported asking the male to leave four times, and when he allegedly refused, he arrested Meadows, 42, of Princeton, for interfering in the residents’ rights not to have him in their apartment. The man then reportedly refused to get into the police cruiser, prompting Leftwich to ask him multiple times to get into the cruiser. The suspect was then placed into the cruiser and transported to PPD.

DUI, DRIVING REVOKED: Ptlm. E.D. Leftwich responded to Pine Plaza, where an impaired driver was reported. There, he located a white Chevy Cruze with Virginia registration driving erratically through the parking lot. The officer activated his blue lights, and the Cruze allegedly continued without yielding. The vehicle then turned east on Stafford Drive, allegedly at a slower than normal speed, finally yielding to the emergency lights next to New Peoples Bank.

Leftwich approached and spoke to the driver, Kenneth Harold Price, who allegedly spoke with a heavily slurred voice and exhibited bloodshot eyes. The officer then asked the driver to exit the car and walk to the New Peoples Bank parking lot. While walking to the testing area, Price allegedly told the officer that he was driving with a license that had been revoked due to DUI. He also allegedly told the officer he had consumed Neurontin, Suboxone and had snorted a Xanax prior to operating the vehicle.

During his field sobriety testing, Leftwich reported the driver showed impairment on multiple segments, and he reportedly declined a blood draw at Princeton Community Hospital to measure the substances in his bloodstream.

While processing Price, 33, of North Tazewell, Va., on the DUI and driving revoked charges, the officer reported finding a small, metal container carrying eight doses of Xanax and a small baggie holding 0.02 grams of a white, powdery substance resembling cocaine.

May 24

BREACH OF PEACE: Officers responded to Thorn Street, where an intoxicated male was reported and allegedly refused to leave. The suspect’s father asked he be removed from the residence because he was reportedly causing a disturbance. At that time, the man reportedly agreed and left the residence.

Approximately 20 minutes later, Lt. E.T. Pugh responded to Brown Street, where the son in the aforementioned case was reportedly causing another disturbance. Pugh allegedly found Mark Meadows in the road, shouting profanities toward family members and the officer.

At that time, Meadows, 33, of Princeton, was arrested on a charge of breach of peace, and transported to Princeton Police Department for processing.

May 25

DOMESTIC BATTERY, MALICIOUS WOUNDING: Ptlm. A.S. Epperson and other officers responded to a domestic disturbance on Valley Street. Epperson was the first officer at the scene, and Mercer 911 advised to be on the lookout for a Tremaine Mitchell, who had allegedly struck a female in the head with a pistol. Epperson located the suspect and placed him into custody, detaining him until a statement could be acquired from the alleged victim, who stated she and her girlfriend had been arguing and that Mitchell struck her in the back of her head with a black pistol. The alleged victim reportedly refused medical treatment at the time. The complainant’s girlfriend then provided a statement, alleging that she and her girlfriend had been involved in a physical altercation and that the complainant had struck her first, before Mitchell got involved. She did not see precisely what took place when Mitchell got involved, however, because she had her head down after being struck in the head by her girlfriend. Mitchell, 25, of Princeton, was charged with domestic battery and malicious wounding. Officers did not locate a firearm at the scene.

May 26

BREACH OF PEACE, DRUG PARAPHERNALIA, ANIMAL CRUELTY, PUBLIC INTOXICATION: Ptlm. D. Gibson responded to North Walker Street to a possible verbal domestic disturbance. Upon arrival, Gibson, Ptlm. J.A. Angle, and Ptlm. E.D. Leftwich reported seeing a female stumbling around the front yard of the residence yelling to the second story of the residence. Gibson then reported seeing a male in the window of the second story, who advised he was “coming down to tell his story.”

Gibson then approached the female present and asked her to calm down and explain what took place. The woman then shouted that the male had her cell phone, and she reportedly persisted in swinging her arms and speaking in a belligerent manner. Soon after confronting the woman, officers were confronted with the other party in the complaint, the male who had been upstairs. His body language was similar to the woman’s, and he stated he did not have the woman’s cell phone.

Officers Gibson and Angle entered the home with the man to see if the woman’s phone could be located. Upon entering the residence, Gibson reported seeing a small dog that appeared to be underfed and living in filth and debris. Officers could not find food or water in the residence for the animal. They also could not find the woman’s cell phone.

Angle found another medium-sized dog on the side of the house that also appeared emaciated, with no food, water or shelter. After asking the parties about the animals, both subjects allegedly began shouting profanities at each other.

Ultimately, Cristen Meadow, 31, of Princeton, and Barry Farley, 26, of Princeton, were both arrested on the listed charges.

DISORDERLY CONDUCT: Ptlm. S.W. Owens responded to a report of a male causing a disturbance in the roadway and panhandling in the street on Stafford Drive. Owens made contact with the man and advised that he needed to stop running into the road and to go home instead. A few hours later, Ptlm. E.C. Nunn received a report of the subject doing the same thing again, this time, on Mercer Street. Nunn responded to Mercer Street to speak with the male, and the suspect informed him that he was told not to run into the roadway to beg for money, but he would continue to do so because he had his children taken away from him and he would continue to do so until the legal system gave his children back.

At that time, Alvin Brown, 42, of Princeton, was arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct and transported to Princeton Police Department for processing.

May 28

DUI: At approximately 8:34 a.m., Lt. B.R. Woodard was on South Walker Avenue when he reported seeing a red Jeep veer into the opposite lane, nearly striking his patrol cruiser before continuing to travel in an erratic manner, swerving between the lines on the lane. The Jeep then pulled into the ATM lane of MCNB Bank. Woodard then made contact with the driver, who was allegedly slouched over the wheel and allegedly openly admitted to having previously consumed half a pint of vodka.

Other PPD officers then responded to assist Woodard in the investigation. They reported observing an empty bottle of Smirnoff Vodka lying in the front passenger seat of the vehicle. At that point, the driver, Elizabeth French was asked to step out of the vehicle for field-sobriety testing. While she spoke, officers reported smelling a strong odor of alcoholic beverage on her breath and observed her to be very instead on her feet. She reportedly needed assistance to stand at times.

“Her speech was also slurred, and she was also very disoriented,” the report stated.

She reportedly showed impairment on all elements of the field sobriety testing. After being observed for 15 minutes, she complied with providing a sample for a preliminary breath test to measure blood-alcohol content, and the test yielded a result of a 0.318 BAC report.

French, 50, of Princeton, was then observed for 20 minutes and read the implied consent form, which she reportedly signed before providing yet another sample for the Intoximeter test, which reportedly measured 0.293 BAC. French was then processed and transported to Southern Regional Jail to await arraignment.

PUBLIC INTOXICATION, BREACH OF PEACE, OPEN CONTAINER: Ptlm. J.A. Angle responded to Knob Street Park, where a male was reported unconscious. When Angle arrived, he reported finding Adam Copley attempting to hide an open 22-ounce container of Steel Reserve alcoholic beverage. After speaking with suspects Copley, 28; Stephen Croy, 35, and Michelle Lee, 40, all of Princeton, all three subjects reportedly admitted to consuming alcohol in the park. The officer reported smelling alcohol on all three subjects, and all three allegedly had bloodshot eyes. All three were charged with public intoxication, breach of peace and open container, for infringing upon the rights of citizens, children, and families who might want to use the public park without the presence of intoxicated adults who admitted to drinking openly.