Princeton Police blotter


July 4

DUI UNDER 21, DRIVING SUSPENDED: Ptlm. E.D. Leftwich and Ptlm. R.S. Dyson were traveling east on Meador Street when they reported seeing a red Dodge SUV also traveling east at a high rate of speed. Leftwich turned around and paced the vehicle traveling 45 mph, which is 20 mph faster than the posted speed limit in the area on Park Avenue, where the Dodge had traveled by that time.

The officer then activated his emergency lights to initiate a traffic stop at the intersection of Henry Street and Park Avenue.

Upon approaching the driver’s side window, Leftwich reported smelling a strong odor of alcoholic beverage coming from the vehicle and asked the driver if he had consumed any alcoholic beverages, to which, the driver allegedly answered that he had had a “couple of shots.” The driver also allegedly advised that his driver’s license was suspended.

The driver reportedly attempted field-sobriety testing and showed impairment on all segments of the test.

The suspect, identified as Robbie Lee Martin Jr., 20, of Princeton, then blew into a handheld preliminary breath test that yielded a blood-alcohol content report of a 0.115 BAC result. Leftwich then read and explained the West Virginia Implied Consent Statement to Martin and asked if he would submit to the secondary chemical test to determine his BAC.

The suspect then reportedly agreed and signed the paperwork at approximately 9:02 p.m. Leftwich then transported Martin to the Princeton Police Department and observed him the required 20 minutes.

The suspect took the test at 9:33 p.m., and the BAC was reported at 0.111 percent. Martin was then processed and taken to Southern Regional Jail to await arraignment.

July 5

PROSTITUTION: Chassidy Lawrence, 26, of Princeton, was arrested on a prostitution warrant stemming from an investigation into a June 19 investigation by Ptlm. C.C. Butler. At that time, a complainant reported Lawrence was allegedly observed in a red F-150 truck, reportedly performing sexual favors for a male in the community of Ball Street in Princeton. The complainant described the attire Lawrence was wearing at the time of the incident, including a pink top, short shorts and a tattoo on her neck. Officers found the suspect wearing exactly that outfit at Princeton City Pool and took her into custody.

During an interview, Lawrence reported that she used the $20 she attained during the exchange to gain entry to the night swim at Princeton City Pool. Butler reported immediately afterward that he intended to seek warrants for Lawrence and the male she identified during the interview. On July 5, Butler received an anonymous tip that Lawrence was hiding in a residence next to 1024 1/2 Modern Lane in Princeton.

The officer responded immediately to that home and reported receiving permission to search the home. He found Lawrence hiding behind a piece of plywood. At that point, she was placed under arrest and transported to Princeton Police Department for processing. The male she partially identified during the initial investigation had not yet been located, as of last report. 

July 7

UNLAWFUL POSSESSION, DRIVING SUSPENDED: Ptlm. A.S. Epperson was patrolling the area of Park Avenue when he encountered Christopher Whittaker, 29, of Princeton, reportedly operating a Tao Tao scooter in an erratic manner, swerving on the road as he pulled onto Reynolds Avenue. Epperson then asked Mercer Control to run a review of Whittaker’s name and driving history, which returned a report that indicated his license had been suspended for unpaid citations in April 2015.

Epperson conducted a traffic stop and placed the suspect into cuffs, searched his person and reported finding two small, green, circular pills the officer identified as Clonazepam, a controlled substance. The officer had the scooter towed and placed Whittaker into custody before transporting Whittaker to Princeton Police Department for processing

July 8

DUI, OBSTRUCTING AN OFFICER: Ptlm. E.C. Nunn responded to a crash on Stafford Drive, where a Volkswagen Beetle had struck a City of Princeton street sweeper in the rear. The officer reported the Volkswagen sustained extensive damage to the front end, and there was no one inside when he arrived the car when he arrived.

The officer then learned from the driver of the street sweeper that there were two females sitting on the curb who were occupants of the Volkswagen.

The street sweeper driver advised he was not injured. The females from the car reported they were not hurt, and they were evaluated by EMS workers with Princeton Rescue Squad to confirm they had no injuries.

Both females reported that Baylee Greene, 19, of Rocky Gap, Va., was the driver of the car at the time the crash took place, but Nunn noted that every time Greene reported she was the driver, she also said she was stating she was the driver so that Taylar Page, 21, of Bluefield, would not get arrested on a DUI charge. Meanwhile, the officer advised he could smell alcohol on both females and that both appeared to be unsteady on their feet and exhibited bloodshot eyes. Nunn spoke with Princeton Fire Department first responders, who agreed that they also heard Greene state she was the driver to avoid Page being charged with DUI.

Nunn then spoke directly with Page, who admitted to being the driver, but Greene continued to tell the officers in her intoxicated state that she was the driver. He then began the field-sobriety testing on Page, who was ultimately charged with DUI.

Her preliminary breath test allegedly registered a blood-alcohol content of 0.208 percent. After she signed a West Virginia Implied Consent form, was observed for the required 20 minutes and provided a sample for a secondary chemical test, the result was reported at 0.182 percent.

Greene was also charged with obstructing an officer.

Both subjects were transported to Princeton Police Department for processing on their respective charges.

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