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Sept. 19

CHILD ENDANGERMENT, SIMPLE POSSESSION, DELIVERY OF METHAMPHETAMINE: Sgt. J.L. Faris responded to a residence on East Main Street, where a complainant advised a male was possibly injecting himself with crystal meth while his daughter was in the residence. When Faris arrived, he spoke with the complainant, who informed him there was a small female child inside the residence. Officers spoke with the suspect’s mother at the scene, who reported her son was in an upstairs bathroom, allegedly injecting a substance believed to be methamphetamine. Faris located the suspect in the bathroom, with a syringe, and the suspect confirmed that the syringe contained methamphetamine. At that point, Faris arrested Johnie Nichols, 21, of Princeton, on charges of child endangerment and simple possession and transported him to Princeton Police Department for processing.

Upon arrival at PPD, multiple witnesses came to the department to render statements regarding the offenses. Faris spoke with numerous witnesses, including the suspect’s mother, who advised she was contacted by the suspect’s friends and informed that he was supervising his daughter and had been injecting himself while she watched and stood beside him. The friends then provided recorded audio statements to that effect. They further advised that the child’s mother was present while this event occurred and left the child in his care after witnessing. At that point, the officer read the mother of the child her Miranda Rights and questioned her.

She allegedly reported she believed Nichols was under the influence of illegal drugs at the time she left the child in his care. She also alleged she took Nichols’ methamphetamine and provided it to a friend who wanted it. At that point, Faris contacted Child Protective Services for assistance. He noted that the child’s mother’s statement was unrecorded by audio records, but it was witnessed by two CPS workers who were assisting with the investigation, since a child was involved throughout the case.

Faris noted that he would seek warrants for the child’s mother for charges of child endangerment and possibly delivery of methamphetamine, since she took Nichols’ methamphetamine to a friend. On Tuesday, Sept. 25, Ptlm. J.E. Carroll served an active warrant on Jessica Nichols, 26, of Princeton.

Sept. 20

DISORDERLY CONDUCT, PUBLIC INTOXICATION: Ptlm. J.D. Shrewsbury responded to Danny’s Bar on Mercer Street, where a complainant reported a fight in progress. When officers arrived, Shrewsbury, Sgt. E.C. Nunn and Ptlm. S.W. Owens made contact with a group of individuals in the top part of the parking lot near the alley. Shrewsbury approached the group, where he advised asking one white male and two white females what was going on. There, the officer reported the male subject was sweating profusely, and he said he could smell the odor of alcohol coming from the group.

Shrewsbury reported the male subject began yelling that he did nothing wrong, so officers could not speak with him. The officer then alleged he asked the male to calm down, and he advised that he was calm. The male’s mother then spoke up, at which time, Shrewsbury noted she appeared to be extremely intoxicated, slurring her speech and smelling strongly of alcohol as well.

The male, identified as Gage Orbe, 23, of North Tazewell, Va., allegedly continued to yell at officers that he didn’t have to listen to officers, because he hadn’t done anything wrong. Shrewsbury then secured the male in Owens’ police cruiser for transport on charges of disorderly conduct and public intoxication, so he could speak with the suspect’s mother, Sarah Montrose, 43, of Princeton. She allegedly told officers they “couldn’t arrest” her son, since it was his birthday and she was the one who took him out to celebrate.

Montrose took a preliminary breathe test to determine her level of intoxication, which reportedly yielded a blood-alcohol content result of 0.115. Shrewsbury issued Montrose a summons to report for court on a charge of public intoxication and released her to the custody of Orbe’s girlfriend, who had not been drinking.

Owens then transported Orbe to PPD. There, the suspect provided a breath sample for a preliminary breath test to measure the blood-alcohol content of his system, which reported his BAC to be 0.172. Orbe was then processed and transported to Southern Regional Jail to await arraignment.

DRIVING REVOKED DUI: Sgt. J.L. Faris was in the area of South Wickham Avenue when he reported seeing a silver Chevy Sonic with the passenger not wearing a safety belt. Faris then initiated a traffic stop in the area of North Wickham. Mercer 911 advised that the driver’s license was revoked as of Aug. 6, 2013. The officer then arrested the driver, identified as Bernard Cole, 51, of Princeton, for driving on a revoked license.

Sept. 21

RECKLESS DRIVING: Ptlm. W.W. McGuire responded to a complaint of a motor vehicle accident n Athens Road. Upon arrival, the officer spoke with the driver of involved vehicles and determined that Jesse Rudder, 37, of Bland, Va., was at fault. The officer then arrested Rudder on a charge of reckless driving and transported him to Princeton Police Department for processing and arraignment.

Sept. 22

FAILURE TO APPEAR, FAILURE TO GIVE INFORMATION AND RENDER AID, FAILURE TO REPORT CRASH WITH INJURY, FAILURE TO YIELD AT INTERSECTION: On Wednesday, Sept. 19, at approximately 8:20 p.m., a motor vehicle accident occurred on Ingleside Road, in which Shane Marshall was the driver of one of the vehicles. Marshall allegedly fled the scene. He later called Mercer County 911 dispatch and reported he was on Athens Road and was willing to provide his information. When officers arrived at the place of business where he stated he would wait, they reported he was not present and would not answer calls. He was not located. On Sept. 22, Detective S.M. Severt reported Marshall, 36, of Princeton, was arrested by another officer and reportedly admitted to driving his Toyota Camry the night of the hit-and-run incident and stated he called and attempted to give his information but later parked at a different location than he previously stated he would. Marshall was then arrested for the listed charges, as well as for failing to provide proof of insurance for the vehicle he was operating at the time of the incident. He was transported to Princeton Police Department and processed per departmental standards.

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, BREACH OF PEACE: Sgt. J.L. Faris and other officers responded to Rogers Street in reference to an accident involving a bicycle and a stolen laptop from Rent A Center. Faris spoke with the complainant, who informed him that she was an employee of Rent A Center. She further stated she and another person were previously attempting to get a computer back from a male suspect, who allegedly kept fleeing on his bicycle while in possession of a laptop computer that belonged to Rent A Center. During the incident that allegedly provoked this emergency call, he allegedly rammed his bicycle into one of the doors of her car, leaving a dent in the back, driver-side door of her car, while it was being driven by one of the complainant’s co-workers.

Ptlm. C.C. Gum spoke with the suspect in this case while in the vicinity of Mike’s Towing on Rogers Street, and he allegedly denied that it was his vehicle that struck the complainant’s car. He also allegedly denied knowing anything about the computer that was allegedly in his possession, even though Faris traced the computer through documentation from Rent A Center to him. Faris ultimately arrested Stephen Serviss, 30, of Princeton on charges of destruction of property and breach of peace and transported him to PPD for processing and arraignment.

OBSTRUCTION: Sgt. J.L. Faris and officers responded to Washington Avenue, where a complainant advised a man was attempting to forcibly enter a residence. Upon arrival, Faris was advised the suspect had fled heading north. Faris then located a suspect matching the description of the given by the caller and took him into custody. Faris arrested Shane Marshall, 36, of Princeton, processed him and transported him to Southern Regional Jail to await arraignment.

OBSTRUCTING, BATTERY ON AN OFFICER, ASSAULT ON OFFICERS: At approximately 12:24 a.m., Stephen Serviss was in custody at PPD, and he allegedly became angry over not being able to find bond to be released. After his arraignment, Sgt. J.L. Faris ordered him to exit the roman re-enter the holding cell. Serves then allegedly failed to obey Faris’s commands multiple times. At that time, Faris and Ptlm. J.E. Carroll attempted to physically escort Serviss to the holding cell. He allegedly jerked away, prompting officers to place him back into handcuffs.

Ptlm. Leftwich reportedly put Serviss in the holding cell to await transport to Southern Regional Jail, but he allegedly threw Leftwich over his right shoulder and stepped on Leftwich’s right hand. Other officers then heard the incident and rushed to assist.

Leftwich was transported to Princeton Community Hospital for treatment. Serviss also requested transport for medical care, where he was treated and released; he was later transported to SRJ to await arraignment.

Sept. 23

DRIVING REVOKED DUI, FOLLOWING TOO CLOSELY: Ptlm. J.E. Carroll responded to Honaker Avenue and Johnston Street, in reference to a two-car motor vehicle crash. There, the officer made contact with a driver operating a Holda Pilot who reported she did not have a driver’s license. Mercer 911 advised her license was revoked for DUI through Virginia, effective Nov. 6, 2013. At that time, Carroll arrested Kari Dawn Southern, 28, of Princeton. By the other driver’s statements, the officer determined the accident occurred when Southern attempted to turn left onto Johnston Street. Carroll found damage consistent with those statements on the vehicles. The officer then transported Southern to PPD to await arraignment.

Sept. 24

BREACH OF PEACE: Ptlm. J.A. Angle responded to Webster Street to assist Princeton Fire Department with a subject threatening them with a weapon. When he officer arrived PFD advised that the suspect made verbal threats and threw items into the street near them. Angle observed multiple items lying on the roadway and yard. Andrew Pritchard, 28, of Princeton, advised Angle he was “drunk.” Due to the suspect’s belligerent manner, he was arrested on an outstanding charge.

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