Princeton Police blotter...


Dec. 5

BURGLARY, DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY: Officers responded to a report of a daytime burglary in progress at a home on Bluefield Avenue. They made contact with the homeowner, who reported his wife described the man as a white male wearing a tan jacket with a hood and carrying a backpack who attempted to make entry into the home via the front door.

The homeowner reported entry was made into the basement via a back basement crawlspace. The lock securing the area had reportedly been destroyed. Several shelves in this area had been knocked over. The complainant further stated his wife witnessed the male flee toward Maple Street. Several officers patrolled the surrounding areas and made contact with a white male who fit the description given by the complainant.

The male was located three blocks from the area of the home where entry was made. Ptlm. E.D. Leftwich escorted the complainant’s wife to the area where other officers detained the suspect. While the alleged victim was driving up to the scene, the suspect, Taurino Rea, 32, of Gibsonville, N.C., reportedly spontaneously said, “I was just at her house asking for money,” which was heard by Sgt. J.L. Faris. The alleged victim also identified the male subject she witnessed attempting to gain entry to her home as the male officers located three blocks from her home.

Rea was then placed under arrest and transported to Princeton Police Department and processed. He was later arraigned before a magistrate on the listed charges.

Dec. 7

OBSTRUCTING AN OFFICER: Ptlm. J.E. Carroll responded to Grants Supermarket on Athens Road, where a shoplifter was reported inside the store. Upon arrival, the officer talked with a store employee, who advised a juvenile was in the store office with his mother. The mother reported she had no idea her son planned to shoplift anything, so she sat outside the store in her car the entire time. Meanwhile, the juvenile’s sister reported there was another male juvenile inside the store with her brother. At first, the sister advised that the other male juvenile was just an acquaintance. Later, it was learned that the second male juvenile was the sister’s boyfriend.

Carroll concluded that the mother and daughter were encouraging the son/brother to shoplift and covering up for the boyfriend. Sarah Jenkins, 36, of Rock; and Abigail Jenkins, 21, of Princeton, were charged with obstructing an officer.

Dec. 8

SIMPLE POSSESSION, OBSTRUCTING AN OFFICER, FUGITIVE FROM JUSTICE: Patrolmen S.W. Owens and B.L. Charette transported Joshua French to Princeton Police Department after assisting Sgt. J.L. Faris on a traffic stop on Karnes Street. During the traffic stop, officers learned French had a body attachment warrant, and Owens placed him under arrest. While traveling to PPD, Owens reported smelling a strong odor of marijuana coming from the suspect and asked the man multiple times if he had the substance in his possession.

French allegedly denied having any of the drug in his possession, and Owens reported that he did not believe him. When they reached PPD, the officer conducted an investigative search, reported finding a small amount of marijuana in French’s sock, wrapped in a black piece of wrapping paper, emitting the smell of marijuana. The officer then charged French with obstructing an officer and simple possession.

Upon further investigation, it was also found that French, 40, of Princeton, was wanted in Bluefield, Va., as a fugitive from justice. French was arraigned and transported to Southern Regional Jail on the body attachment.

DUI: Ptlm. J.E. Carroll responded to a single-vehicle accident on Stafford Drive. The officer made contact with the driver, as the accident was being processed by Ptlm. W.W. McGuire. Carroll asked the accused how he wrecked his car in the ditch opposite of the direction he was traveling. The driver alleged he didn’t really know how it happened.

Carroll noted the driver’s eyes were heavy, that his mouth appeared to be dry, and that he was unsteady on his feet.

The driver reported he had a headache earlier in the day and that his wife gave him a pill to make him feel better, but he said he did not know what the pill was.

The driver allegedly showed impairment on the standard field sobriety test. He reportedly consented to a blood-draw at Princeton Community Hospital to measure chemicals in his bloodstream, and Carroll transported the suspect to PCH for the procedure. Once the blood was drawn, it was processed to be shipped to the West Virginia State Police lab for testing.

The suspect was then transported to Princeton Police Department for processing. There, a secondary chemical test was administered, and his BAC was still 0.000, showing no alcohol in his blood. James Cook, 61, of Prineville, was charged with DUI. He was processed and transported to Southern Regional Jail to await arraignment.

DUI: Officers were alerted to a possible DUI in a gray Honda Accord traveling on Courthouse Road. Sgt. R.S. Gibson reported seeing the vehicle veer into oncoming traffic, nearly striking another vehicle. A traffic stop was conducted on the Honda, and officers reported that the driver, Lori Hall, appeared lethargic, advising she was unaware that she had crossed into the other lane. Ptlm. E.D. Leftwich performed field-sobriety testing, reporting the driver showed impairment on all segments. Hall, 43, of Princeton, reportedly refused a blood draw to test for chemicals in her blood. She was then charged with DUI, processed on a DUI charge and taken to a magistrate for arraignment.

Dec. 9

DOMESTIC ASSAULT, OBSTRUCTING/RESISTING AN OFFICER: At approximately 7:13 p.m., Ptlm. J.E. Carroll and other members of the Princeton Police Department responded to a Princeton Avenue apartment, where a domestic disturbance was reported. Upon arrival, officers made contact with the complainant, who reported her grandson was upstairs yelling he was going to kill everyone in the residence. Carroll reported finding broken dishes and food thrown in the floor. The complainant stated her grandson had thrown a glass dish full of food at her, stating he was going to kill her.

Officers then proceeded into the bedroom to talk with the grandson. There, the suspect reportedly stated, “I’m drunk, and everyone is pissing me off.” The suspect allegedly did have a strong odor of alcohol on his person. He reportedly tensed his arms in an aggressive manner and clenched his fists and attempted to pull away from officers.

After several verbal commands, officers did manage to take the suspect to the ground and place Alex Mitchell, 21, of Princeton, into handcuffs, escort him to a cruiser and transport him to PPD for processing and arraignment.


Dec. 3

FORGERY/UTTERING: A complainant filed a report with Deputy Z.T. Reed that two suspects stole and cashed one of her original starter checks. The complainant told Reed and Deputy M.R. Lacy that she received the checks 15 years ago and did not know where they were stored. She stated that the information on the checks was not hers, but the first suspect had instead written the second’s data on the top of the checks and wrote the check for $835 to first. The complainant did not know either suspect.

Dec. 6

OBTAINING MONEY, PROPERTY AND SERVICES BY FALSE PRETENSES: The complainant came to the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office to report electronic devices and a service subscription had been registered in her niece’s name at Nimitz Place. The niece was only 15 months old at the time of the report, and the parents of the infant had lived at the place of the complaint for a period of time previously. They recently left the residence, and the electricity was disconnected in March. The complainant reported she knew the date of the disconnect notice because she received the notice, along with an electric bill for more than $450 at her residence.

As of the date of the report, the infant’s parents were evading law enforcement due to pending charges. One is incarcerated in Southern Regional Jail on domestic charges, while the other may be contacted on Facebook Messenger and is reportedly living in Lashmeet.

The complainant reported she planned to move into a home at Nimitz Place and had received the mail.

The matter was forwarded to the MCSD detective bureau for further investigation.

SHOPLIFTING: Sprint Cellular called Mercer County Sheriff’s Department at approximately 5:27 p.m. to report an iPhone 8 worth approximately $549 was stolen from the business kiosk at the Mercer Mall. One of the employees explained to Deputy Z.T. Reed that there was a man attempting to sell the phone at GameStop, also located within the Mercer Mall. GameStop refused to give the Sprint Cellular complainant any information about the suspect without a police report. The complainant reported he could not offer a description of the suspect. Charges will be pending a follow-up investigation.

Dec. 7

BURGLARY: Cpl. G.C. Paitsel responded to Low Gap Road, near Princeton, where a potential attempted burglary was reported. The complainant advised three black males had been near his residence, possibly beating on the door to his residence. The complainant was on the phone with Mercer 911, offering information when a maroon Chevy Impala reportedly left the area with two black males, so he followed the car.

Before Paitsel arrived, Princeton Police Department pulled the vehicle over in the alley behind the Sunoco on Mercer Street and searched the vehicle, reportedly recovering two firearms and a black knit cap. West Virginia State Police Trooper Shrewsbury located another potential suspect walking on Low Gap and transported that young man to the officers’ location. All three suspects were then transported to Mercer County Sheriff’s Department, where they were placed in separate locations and questioned.

None of the alleged suspects told the same stories, and the potential victims could not identify the alleged suspects. Paitsel reported that it appeared the suspects may have known the victims in some form or fashion. The adult suspects were released, and Child Protective Services representatives were contacted to handle the juvenile suspect, since his parents live in Charlotte, N.C. Browning’s Wrecker was contacted to tow the vehicle; the firearms were seized and logged into evidence.

Further investigation will be forwarded to the detective bureau.

THEFT FROM VEHICLE: At approximately 10:28 a.m., a complainant came to the station and filed a report with Deputy A.S. Primmer reporting that on Dec. 2, between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m., she picked up her son’s 2006 Chevrolet 2500 Silverado pickup truck, which was unlocked, and she discovered an unknown suspect had stolen three Invicta watches, one Bulova watch, one black G Shock watch, a set of Beats headphones, and a red work bag with a UPS uniform, a Bluetooth speaker and a charger pack inside. The theft reportedly occurred on White Oak Drive in Princeton.