Princeton Police Blotter -- March 9-19, 2018

March 9

POSSESSION WITH INTENT TO DELIVER, DUI, SPEEDING: While conducting DUI patrol, Ptlm. J.D. Shrewsbury reported seeing a red Ford Escape travel past him on Courthouse Road at 49 mph in a 35 mph zone. The officer initiated a traffic stop using his emergency lights and siren near Crestview Street. As he approached the vehicle, Shrewsbury reported smelling the odor of marijuana.

Shrewsbury reported approaching the vehicle and seeing the driver exhibiting glassy, bloodshot eyes.

The driver allegedly told him he had drugs in the vehicle and had smoked marijuana prior to driving. After asking the driver to step out of the vehicle and beginning a pat-down for officer safety, Shrewsbury radioed for backup, and Ptlm. S.W. Owens responded to the scene.

Shrewsbury then reported retrieving a large bag of what appeared to be marijuana from the center console of the vehicle, where he also allegedly found individual baggies and scale used for weight measurement of substances.

The driver allegedly exhibited impairment on multiple segments of the standard field-sobriety tests, and he reportedly consented to a blood draw to test to determine the drugs in his system. Shrewsbury transported the driver, Ryan Shorter, 33, of Princeton, to Princeton Community Hospital for that blood draw. There, a phlebotomist conducted the blood draw, and Shorter was transported to PPD for processing on the DUI charge.

Shrewsbury then weighed the marijuana seized at the scene and determined there were 21 grams of marijuana seized from Shorter’s vehicle. Based on the amount, the baggies and the scales, the officer determined the suspect was planning to sell the substance.

During his processing, Shrewsbury advised Shorter of his Miranda rights.

Before offering any other statement, the suspect advised he wished to speak with an attorney. Shrewsbury then had the suspect sign the DMV314 questionnaire stating such, and the officer contacted a detective with the Southern Regional Drug and Violent Crime Task Force, who reported to PPD to speak with the suspect.

Shorter then advised that officer that he had another half-pound of marijuana at his residence and had been involved in trafficking the drug with multiple other individuals. The suspect then showed the detective where the substance was located before his processing was completed at PPD.

March 12

DRIVING REVOKED, SHOPLIFTING: Ptlm. A.S. Epperson responded to a shoplifting complaint at Dollar General on Stafford Drive. A complainant there reported a white female had taken a pack of Black Ice Scent Tree air fresheners, Fnail Press-On nails and LAC LColor liquid, without paying. All of the items totaled $10.17.

The employees managed to get a vehicle description and a registration tag number. The registration belonged on a Pontiac Sunfire owned by a resident of Princeton Towers. Epperson, Ptlm. J.A. Angle, C.C. Gum and S.M. Severe then located the the suspect at BP on Stafford Drive. She had reportedly driven her mother’s car to the Dollar General and taken the listed items.

Officers could not recover the stolen items, since they had already been used, and the suspect already had a shoplifting conviction on July 16, 2010. Her driver’s license was also revoked on Nov. 15, 2017.

Epperson then arrested Nancy Rose, 42, of Princeton, on charges of driving revoked and shoplifting, and she was transported to PPD for processing.

March 17

DUI: Ptlm. E.D. Leftwich was assisting other officers in the 1000 block of Mercer Street when a blue vehicle with temporary tags reportedly failed to obey the directions of officers and continued to drive toward the front of his cruiser. Leftwich activated his blue lights after the vehicle stopped in front of his cruiser, which was stopped in the opposite lane of traffic.

Leftwich then exited his vehicle and approached the open driver’s window of the suspect vehicle, where he alleged the driver’s pupils were heavily constricted and she appeared to be confused. The driver also appeared to be having some sort of body tremors, despite what the officer reported to be adequate heat coming from inside the vehicle, even in the 21-degree temperature weather.

The officer asked the driver to step out of the vehicle to participate in standard field-sobriety testing, to which, she reportedly agreed and showed impairment on multiple segments.

The driver allegedly agreed to a blood draw at Princeton Community Hospital to test for the chemicals in her blood stream, and Leftwich transported her there for the test. Leftwich noted the test draw was taken at approximately 1:50 a.m., but a clerical error showed it was done at 1:41 a.m.

The driver was then taken to PPD for processing and a DMV 314 interview.

During the interview, Casey Finley, 26, of Princeton, reportedly waived her Miranda rights and told the officer she injected Dilaudid into her arm and showed him the injection site. She was then processed and transported to Southern Regional Jail on the DUI charge, to await arraignment.

March 19

BREACH OF PEACE: Ptlm. E.D. Leftwich was dispatched to an address on Shopview Avenue in reference to a domestic disturbance. Upon arrival, the officer reported seeing a group of individuals in front of the residence. The first suspect stated nothing at all was going on; however, several stated both he and a son had been arguing. The son alleged his father had hit him and pulled a gun on him.

Leftwich secured the gun and placed it into evidence. A brother of one suspect stated he had seen his brother and father fighting, but he didn’t see the incident with the gun. Due to the hostile and intoxicated nature, both suspects were then into custody.

While both were in custody, they both blew into a preliminary breath test to measure blood-alcohol content. Robert Payne Sr., 49, of Princeton, registered 0.103 BAC. Robert Payne Jr., 31, of Ballard, registered 0.184 BAC.