Mercer Sheriff's Department blotter


June 20

LARCENY: Deputy T.S. Rose contacted a Spurrier Road complainant via phone, who reported his motor scooter had been stolen. The man advised his scooter was parked outside his residence at midnight, and he had forgotten to put a chain on the vehicle. When he returned at approximately 1 a.m., the scooter was missing. The complainant reported his payments were on time to Estep Tire and Auto, and he had both sets of keys in his possession. The scooter is black, and he could not advise of a potential suspect. 

Rose reported the vehicle would be entered into the National Crime Information Center database.

DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE: Deputy T.S. Rose responded to Halls Ridge Road, where a domestic disturbance was reported. Upon arrival, Rose and other deputies were met by two females in the front yard. One female was determined to be involved in the dispute, while another individual remained inside the residence. 

Officers asked the female determined to be involved in the incident to remain outside the home while they entered the residence to speak with the male, but during the investigation, she allegedly entered the home and began yelling at the male. When this occurred, Rose reported he asked her to leave the home or she would be arrested for obstructing. She allegedly told the officer “no,” and began yelling at the individuals in the home again. 

Rose reported he then placed the female, Emily Brooke Meadows, 24, of Princeton, in restraints and arrested her on a charge of obstructing officers. The investigation continued after Meadows was placed in a police vehicle. After it was completed, Meadows was transported to Mercer County Sheriff’s Department for processing.

THEFT FROM VEHICLE: Deputy C.K. Lester received a report on station from a woman who wished to file a report that her purse was stolen from her vehicle between 5:45 p.m. on June 19 and 6:45 a.m. on June 20. She told the officer she believed her doors were locked. The complainant described the purse as being black in color with two rows of stones around it. The purse contained identification cards, social security cards for her and two children, debit and credit cards, cosmetics, and cash. Lester examined the vehicle and found no notable damage. The complainant was advised to contact her bank and credit card companies to deactivate the cards. 

LARCENY: Deputy C.K. Lester and Cpl. M.S. Horn responded to Glenwood Country Store in reference to a wallet being stolen. Upon arrival, the complainant and suspect were awaiting the officers in the parking lot by the fuel pumps. One man alleged he left his wallet containing $355 in the money clip, along with a can of smokeless tobacco by the concrete foundation for the fuel pump. He then allegedly left the store and realized it was missing. When he returned to the store, the items were no longer there. The complainant called the store to let the clerk know he had left his wallet, and she asked the man who was by the pump if he had seen it. He allegedly stated no, but reportedly seemed in a hurry to leave the area. 

Horn reported viewing the surveillance video, seeing a wallet-sized object near the pump when the second man pulled up, but when he left, it was no longer visible. However, he searched the second man’s truck, and the only wallet he could find in the truck was allegedly one that belonged to the couple’s son used as a play wallet. 

The second man alleged he had just gotten paid and had cashed his check at Kroger. The officer reported he would continue the investigation with Kroger, and if any discrepancy were found in their stories, warrants would be sought.

LARCENY: Deputy C.K. Lester responded to Four Seasons Pharmacy, where complainants reported a woman came into the store on June 16 and used some type of tool to cut rings free from a display case in the jewelry section of the store. One of the complainants provided a copy of the video from the day of the incident. The officer viewed the surveillance video, seeing the suspect try on several rings, and after finding one that fit, she reportedly pulled the tool from her pants and cut the cable the secured the rings to the display. She then allegedly placed the rings in her bra. 

Lester then placed the video into evidence for secure storage, along with photos of the three possible rings taken. Employees advised that the suspect shops at the store frequently, but they did not know her name. The four rings stolen were valued at $100 each. 

June 21

GRAND LARCENY: Sgt. W.E. Rose and Deputy K.M. Saddler responded to New Hope Road, where a complainant advised he parked his 2010 Ford Fusion in his driveway at 7:30 p.m. and left his residence, leaving the doors and windows unlocked and the keys inside. When he returned at 9:30 p.m., the vehicle was gone. 

Saddler searched for the vehicle in Brushfork and Bluewell, but did not find it. The vehicle was listed in the NCIC, and the case was forwarded to the MCSD detective bureau.