Mercer Sheriff's Department blotter


June 1

DUI: Deputy K.M. Saddler, Cpl. K.M. Saddler and Deputy J.S. Wish were traveling on Whitts Road in the Oakvale area of Mercer County, attempting to locate a red Ford Taurus in reference to a possible warrant for the person occupying the vehicle. While traveling Whitts Road, officers reported observing a vehicle stopped in the middle of the road.

As the officers approached the vehicle, it reportedly began to pull away, and Bish reported observing that the passenger of the vehicle, Anthony Riley, was a person allegedly wanted for a probation violation, prompting officers to activate their emergency lights.

The vehicle then allegedly pulled to the right side of the road. Due to officers having previous knowledge of the passenger fleeing from Bluefield Police Department officers, Horn and Bish conducted a felony stop on the vehicle, during which Horn secured the passenger, and Bish secured the driver.

Horn arrested Anthony Riley, age and address unavailable, for the outstanding warrant.

While arresting the driver, Shannon Riley, Bish reported observing the 39-year-old Bluefield woman to be talkative, while exhibiting droopy eyelids and slow, deliberate movements. When he asked her if she had taken any medication, she allegedly answered that she had taken Xanax and advised officers she was “too upset to take any kind of tests” when officers inquired if she would be willing to participate in field sobriety testing.

She was then placed under arrest for DUI-drugs and secured her in Bish’s cruiser for transport to Princeton Community Hospital after allegedly consenting to a blood draw to determine the substances in her blood stream.

Shannon Riley was then taken to Mercer County Sheriff’s Department, where she reportedly submitted to a Drug Recognition Evaluation, during which, she reportedly showed signs of using a central nervous system stimulant and narcotic analgesics. Officers determined she was unable to operate a motor vehicle safely.

HIT AND RUN: A complainant filed a report on station that he moved his vehicle out of the flood zone and into the former Blue Flash fuel station lot at the corner of New Hope Road and Sandlick Road last weekend. When he returned the next day to retrieve his vehicle, there was allegedly damage to the front, driver-side fender, as well as gray paint left by an unidentified vehicle. None of the surrounding storefronts have surveillance video of that parking lot.

Deputy M.C. Altice filed the report, but advised that there were no further evidence or leads in the case. He reported the case was considered closed, unless new information arises on the situation.

SHOPLIFTING: Deputy K.M. Saddler responded to the Dollar General Store on Beckley Road, where a man and woman were reported shoplifting items from the store. The female allegedly concealed items, and the couple then attempted to leave without purchasing the items. When confronted, the couple gave some of the stolen items back, but the manager reported they had more items concealed. The monetary value of the stolen property was estimated at $18.55.

The suspects reportedly left in a white BMW with West Virginia registration tags, and the vehicle was reportedly missing a front bumper.

Officers tracked the vehicle registration and found that the BMW was registered to a Joyce Sayers, 58, of Lashmeet, but she reportedly did not live at the address listed on the registration. On June 2, Saddler observed the suspect vehicle on Ingleside Road and conducted a traffic stop at Autospa. He issued a shoplifting citation and completed a warrant check on both subjects in the vehicle.

Mercer County 911 advised that William Shannon Foutch, 41, of Princeton, had an active Mercer County Magistrate Court capias. Foutch was taken into custody, and he was transported to the sheriff’s department for processing.

The female in the vehicle was cited for shoplifting.

BURGLARY: Deputies M.T. Hatfield and C.K. Lester responded to Pale Face Way inside Indian Meadows, where a complainant reported someone broke into his cabin. The complainant advised he had been away since November, when he winterized the cabin. He reported someone forced entry, and officers observed pry marks that appeared to have been made by a screwdriver.

He reported several appliances and household items were stolen during the burglary.

In addition, the complainant advised that his father had a cabin next door, and that his father’s cabin had also been burglarized and had a number of items missing, with appliances and household items stolen.

Pry marks were not present there, but the complainant advised it appeared as if the suspect had kicked that door in, leaving damage to the door frame.

The responding officers reported the case would be forwarded to the Mercer County detective bureau for further investigation.

BURGLARY: A complainant reported on station that her brother passed away on May 10 and two guns mentioned in his will appeared to be missing. The woman was concerned about the possibility the firearms could have been stolen and might be used in a crime. She, therefore, wanted them listed in the National Crime Information Center database. She provided the names, models and serial numbers for entry, and Deputy G.C. Paitsel entered the information into the NCIC as a preventive measure.

June 2

DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE: Officers responded to Cordell Road in Princeton, where a man was reported in the residence after being arrested of domestic battery on May 24. On that date, the man was placed on personal recognizance bond, with the condition that he not go within 1 mile of his girlfriend. When officers responded to the residence, they found him in the second story of the residence, lying on an air mattress. He allegedly advised the girlfriend was staying with her sister for the last couple of days.

The girlfriend advised she had been staying at the residence on Cordell Road but had gone to her sister’s that evening. She further told officers the boyfriend was not at the residence when she left the home that evening but was there when she returned. Patrick Rolando Mann, 49, of Princeton, had to be physically restrained by officers, when he allegedly became aggressive toward the girlfriend and persisted in pointing his finger in her face, cursing and screaming at her, according to a report by Sgt. W.E. Rose.

June 4

SEX ABUSE: Detective L.L. Addair responded to Child Protect, to schedule a forensic interview regarding allegations of sexual abuse of male and female juveniles. The complainant, who is an adult relative of the children, was later contacted and notified that the forensic interview will be conducted on June 11. The complainant agreed to transport the children to the child advocacy center at the specified date and time for the interview.

The investigation and case remain open and pending until the completion of the interview.

ASSAULT: Lt. S.J. Cary was dispatched to respond to Lance Street, where a child custody dispute had turned physical, and one of the parties had requested an ambulance and treatment for her injuries. Upon arrival, Cary reported seeing that both subjects were separated and were no longer arguing. After speaking with one of the parties, she advised she was physically attacked by the other, and in attempt to protect herself, she fought back.

Speaking with the other party, she advised she was physically attacked by the other woman and fought back.

EMS was notified and responded. Cary noted that both subjects involved signed a refusal for treatment or transportation at the scene.

The officer learned that the residence at Lance Street is equipped with an exterior surveillance camera that recorded the altercation. He reviewed the video and observed that each subject shared an equal amount of aggression, as well as physical contact. He contacted each party and notified them of what the video showed. Neither wanted to pursue charges at that time.

Cary advised both of their rights to pursue a domestic violence protective order and that they had up to one year to pursue charges if they chose to do so.