Mercer Sheriff's blotter...


Sept. 28

WARRANT SERVICE: Deputy M.T. Hatfield went to a residence on Strawberry Loop in Princeton in an attempt to serve a warrant on Heather Miller, 20, for failure to appear on a felony charge. When he arrived, the officer asked the male present if Miller was there, to which, the male answered, “Yes.” Hatfield located Miller in the bedroom and transported her to Mercer County Sheriff’s Department, where she was processed and transported to Southern Regional Jail. Her warrant alleged she had failed to appear on a charge alleging she possessed a Schedule I drug with the intent to deliver it.

WARRANT SERVICE: Lt. S.J. Cary arrested Jessica Dawn Goins, 29, of Matoaka, on an outstanding warrant for failure to appear on a misdemeanor warrant.

Sept. 29

DUI: Deputy J.S. Wish was traveling West on U.S. 460 near Go Mart, when he reported seeing a gold Buick Regal traveling in the slow lane in front of him, weaving in the other vehicle’s lane. The officer then began to follow the Buick and continued to see it weaving, slowing and accelerating for no apparent reason. As the traffic light changed from red to green, the vehicle allegedly slowly accelerated and swerved into the fast lane, then quickly corrected into the slow lane, prompting Bish to activate his lights and siren for a traffic stop.

The driver then reportedly began to veer to the right side of the road but allegedly continued more than 100 feet before coming to a complete stop. When the driver did stop, he allegedly told the officer he did not intend to drive erratically but said he had been using his cell phone. He then provided a Virginia driver’s license and registration card. The officer reported he could smell the odor of alcoholic beverage on the driver or his vehicle. The driver also allegedly showcased droopy eyelids, a flushed face, and bloodshot, watery eyes.

Bish verified the driver’s license was valid, and the driver reported he had consumed possibly two large cans of beer before driving.

He attempted field sobriety testing, during which, Bish reported the driver showed impairment on multiple elements. A preliminary blood-alcohol test yielded a report of 0.120, which is over the legal limit for driving, and Gary L. Stone Jr., 47, of North Tazewell, Va., was then placed under arrest for DUI and transported to Mercer County Sheriff’s Department, where he was read the West Virginia Implied Consent Statement and reportedly agreed to a secondary chemical test of his breath. At 2:40 a.m., Stone provided another breath sample and reportedly blew a 0.123 BAC. He was then transported to Southern Regional Jail until he could be arraigned on the DUI charge.

DUI: Deputy J.A. Conner responded to the intersection of Airport Road and Bulltail Hollow Road, where a complainant reported a male was passed out in the driver’s seat of a dark Chevy Blazer in the roadway. The officer found a dark blue Trailblazer parked in the lane on Bulltail Hollow Road, facing the wrong direction. Conner discovered the driver’s door open, with the suspect’s legs hanging out the door and saw the male’s body slumped over the driver’s seat, unconscious. He verbally advised the male to wake up multiple times, and then, shook the man in an attempt to wake him.

Finally, he shook the man and shined his flashlight in his face, while advising him that he was from the sheriff’s department.

When the driver awoke, Conner reported that he was extremely disoriented and exhibited very slurred speech. He did advise that his name has Jacob Holdren. At first, Holdren said he had run out of gasoline in the spot where he sat, but as Conner reported seeing multiple blue baggies in the floorboard, he doubted that report.

Holden participated in a preliminary breath test, which reportedly registered a 0.000 blood-alcohol content report. Upon having Holdren step out of the vehicle, Conner reported the man was extremely instead on his feet, and the officer didn’t believe it safe to have him attempt field-sobriety tests. After conducting a pat-down for officer safety, which uncovered a gray plastic container that held two small baggies — one of a clear crystal substance and one that held 10 pills of Alprazolam, Conner advised he was charging Jacob Joe Holdren, 28, of Bluefield, with DUI-drugs.

Conner then transported Holdren to Princeton Community Hospital for a blood draw to determine the substances in his system. After employees attempted several times to obtain the blood sample, Holdren reportedly decided to refuse the blood draw.

Upon Conner’s transport of the suspect to the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department, where Deputy J.S. Bish, as a drug recognition expert, evaluated Holdren and advised he was too impaired to safely operate a motor vehicle.

Conner then charged Holdren with DUI-drugs, simple possession and driving suspended.

Sept. 30

DOMESTIC BATTERY: Lt. J.J. Ruble and Cpl. D.W. Sparks responded to Red Gate Road in Montcalm, where a domestic disturbance was reported. Officers reported hearing an argument when they arrived and knocked on the door. A female opened the door and invited them inside. There, they found a male upstairs covered in blood with a large knot on his forehead. Sparks escorted this male outside so Ruble could speak with the female.

The woman alleged he had been in a fight with their son. She then called for the son to come out and speak with Ruble, who noticed that the son also had injuries on his face, consistent with being struck.

The son alleged the father became enraged during an argument about the weather. At this point, Ruble noted that all three subjects appeared to be intoxicated. The son stated he had been outside when the argument began, but when he came inside, his father had struck him about the face and head with his fist. When the son became scared, he also admitted to striking his father with a coil spring to get his father off of him.

Due to the father’s injuries, he was transported to the hospital for treatment, while the mother and son were advised of the domestic violence protective order process. Warrants may be pending at a later time.