Mercer County Sheriff's Department Blotter Nov. 9-10


Nov. 9

DUI: Deputy J.S. Bish was patrolling the Bluewell area when he reported seeing a black Cadillac Seville being operated by a male who had a cellphone in his hand and against his face. The officer reported following the suspect vehicle and seeing the vehicle swerving between the fog line and double turn lane. As they approached Kings Tire, Bish reported activating his lights and siren to signal the driver to pull over. The vehicle allegedly failed to slow or appear to speed up, so the officer continued to follow the suspect vehicle until the driver pulled over in the parking lot of First Community Bank.

When Bish approached the driver’s side front window, he reported seeing the driver overly excited, perspiring and exhibiting a flushed face, appearing to have goose bumps and a blank stare.

He asked the driver to produce his license, registration and proof of insurance on the vehicle, only to have the driver allegedly report the vehicle did not have any insurance and was not registered in any state. He advised he had only recently purchased the vehicle and did not have time to make it legal. Bish reported the man’s pupils were pinpoint small and that the driver advised he had not consumed alcohol but had taken his prescribed antidepressant.

The driver, Brandon A. White, 34, of Tazewell, Va., reportedly agreed to a field-sobriety test, which according to Bish, showed impairment on some elements of the test. Due to the totality of evidence, Bish charged White with DUI-drugs and asked White if he would be willing to submit to a blood draw, which he refused.

At the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department, White allegedly admitted to consuming an antidepressant approximately two hours prior to driving the vehicle. He was processed and placed in a holding cell, pending arraignment.

Nov. 10

LARCENY: Lt. S.J. Cary responded to a report that someone stole and antique stone crock from a complainant’s front porch on Old Athens Road. The complainant reported she had last seen the crock at approximately 6 p.m. the night before. She estimated the crock was valued at about $100.

At roughly 11a.m., the complainant contacted Mercer 911 to advise she had located the stolen crock at Ron’s Antique Shop on Athens Road. Cary investigated and learned that a man by the name of Mark brought the item to the business at 9 a.m. that morning, and the business owner reported paying $50 for the crock. The owner reported a phone number for the man who sold it.

“Mark,” who was actually identified as Matthew William Warf, advised he purchased the crock from a male known only to him as Eddie for the amount of $10 and sold it to Ron’s Antique Shop to make some money. He said he didn’t know the item was stolen when he bought it. Warf paid Ron’s Antique Shop the $50 back, and the victim was advised she could pick up her crock at her convenience.

There is no further information on the case at this time.

LARCENY: Sgt. J.J. Ruble received a complaint on station from a man who advised he had left a trailer of fire wood for sale on Bulltail Hollow Road. He then received a call from an acquaintance reporting that someone was offloading the wood into an older-model Chevy S-10 and stealing the wood from the trailer. The witness attempted to confront the individual, but the thief took off. Ruble put out a be-on-the-lookout order for the vehicle and was able to locate the vehicle near Grants Supermarket on Mercer Street. Upon speaking with the driver, Ruble reported he did allegedly admit to taking the wood and would return it to the owner. Ruble reported he still expected to seek warrants for petit larceny against the suspect.

DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE: Deputy M.T. Hatfield responded to Grassy Branch Road, where Mercer 911 advised dispatchers received a report of a 14-year-old juvenile who had been verbally and physically abusive to his mother, stepfather and sister. Upon arrival, the officer spoke with the stepfather, who advised he had just returned home to observe his girlfriend fighting with her son, the 14-year-old suspect. He advised he attempted to separate them, and the physical altercation became more intense.

Hatfield then spoke with the mother. She alleged she had been arguing with the son all day and had advised he should leave for a little while and visit his grandparents’ home. She advised he had taken a bit of an attitude with her. The mother reported she then left the home to get dinner. When she returned home, the son allegedly grabbed his dinner and threw it on the couch. The mother instructed him she would not tolerate his attitude and to got to his room.

The son then allegedly got verbally abusive, calling her obscene names. Instead of going to his room, the boy then allegedly approached her room and reportedly attempted to choke his mother. Hatfield reported he could still see the red marks on and under her neck. Her daughter was also reportedly injured during the altercation as well.

The daughter confirmed the mother’s version of the statements. At that point, the son, 14, was placed under arrest for two counts of domestic battery and transported to Mercer County Sheriff’s Department, where he could be seen by a Juvenile Probation Officer. He as transported to the Gene Spadaro Juvenile Detention Center to await to be seen by a circuit court judge.

ASSAULT: Deputy T.A. Lacy responded to Courthouse Road, where an assault was reported in a room at Airway Motel. The complainant reported he had been renting a room at the motel and had a female visitor on the night of Nov. 10. When another male saw the woman’s car parked outside, he allegedly knocked on the door, choked the woman, pushed two other females in side, knocked over a microwave, kicked the post under the roof down and shoved the resident of the room down. He then allegedly fled on foot. Princeton Community Hospital later advised Mercer County 911 that the suspect was at the emergency room with a stab wound. Warrants were pending.

DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE: Deputy L.L. Addair received a call from Princeton Police Department regarding a female at the office who was involved in a domestic altercation outside of city limits. Upon arrival, the officer observed the female outside the office crying, with minor lacerations to her face. The woman advised her boyfriend had beat her up and left walking toward Green Valley. Addair informed her he had warrants for the man’s arrest but had not been able to locate him. The woman was transported to the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department office so the deputy could photograph her injuries.

While at MCSD office, the woman reported she had spent the night at a home in Breeze Hill Mobile Home Park and that the suspect, Thomas Sheppard, 40, of Princeton, had wanted to have sex, but she didn’t, because she was still upset with him from the last time he had threatened to stab her. Ultimately, the woman gave in, but Sheppard allegedly fell asleep during sex. When Sheppard awoke, he reportedly got angry with the woman, because he claimed she stopped the activity. The woman then got mad and did attempt to leave, at which time, Sheppard allegedly smacked the woman into the wall and started screaming at her. He then allegedly continued screaming at her and punched her approximately seven to eight times, causing the cuts on her face. That’s when she reported she ran away, out of fear he would pull the knife he typically carries on his side.

A woman nearby located the woman and transported her to Princeton Police Department. Addair reported another warrant would be requested for domestic battery against Sheppard.

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