Mercer County Sheriff blotter...


July 12

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY: Lt. S.J. Cary responded to a residence on Glendale Avenue, where a resident reported she opened the kitchen windows to allow fresh air in and forgot to shut the windows before going upstairs to bed the prior evening at approximately 10 p.m. On the morning of July 12, the resident reported noticing the screen was missing from one of the windows. When she went outside to retrieve the screen, the woman reported noticing the screen had been cut above the lower locking mechanism, which had been removed from the window.

The complainant reported she did not believe anyone had made entry to the home, because she hadn’t noticed anything was missing, but she wanted to report the incident because of how serious it could have been.

She hadn’t spoken to any of her neighbors at that time, but she intended to do so once they returned home from work.

ASSAULT, BATTERY, OBSTRUCTING AN OFFICER: Sgt. S.A. Sommers and Deputies T.S. Rose, T.A. Lacy and J.A. Conner responded to a call in White Oak Valley at approximately 10:09 p.m. Upon arrival, they found a 40-year-old male standing in the middle of the road with no shirt or shoes. Since Sommers arrived on the scene first, he reported seeing the male push the female at the scene. The male then told officers nothing happened and that he was just trying to go to bed.

The male suspect then alleged he was blind and unable to see to hit anyone. Other parties at the scene disputed that statement, telling officers that the suspect arrived earlier and beat so hard on the door that he left dents in it. He also allegedly yelled that he wanted to see a woman staying at the residence. When one occupant answered the door, he allegedly pushed her out of the way and entered the residence, yelling at her.

At some point, he allegedly took his shirt and shoes off and began slapping himself in the face and chest, before walking into the driveway. That was when officers arrived in the driveway.

Conner’s report indicated multiple officers saw the dents in the door, along with a wreath lying on the porch, which had allegedly been knocked off during the altercation.

Timothy Douglas King, 40, of Princeton, was taken into custody and transported to Mercer County Sheriff’s Department headquarters, where he allegedly refused to get out of the police cruiser and cursed loudly at officers. Conner also advised King refused to comply with officers’ instructions during fingerprinting processes and attempted to wrap the chain attached to his restraints around his neck.

Officers then moved him from a holding cell to the deputies’ office, where he could be monitored, and while moving him, the suspect allegedly made his body go limp and legs to go limp, making transport difficult, if not impossible, even with two deputies attempting to carry him from place to place. Ultimately, King was transported to Southern Regional Jail on charges of battery, assault and obstructing.

July 13

BREAKING AND ENTERING: Cpl. M.S. Horn responded to a complaint on Estill Street in the Princeton area, where a complainant reported he returned home and found the left-side door on this garage was pulled out and the screws for door hinges had been removed.

The complainant further noticed his 2012 Suzuki RMZ-250 dirt bike had been stolen. The garage doors were chained and locked shut, but the screws for the hinges were accessible from the outside, allowing the suspect to simply remove the screws and the dirt bike. There were no signs of physical evidence, no surveillance cameras on the victim’s residence or any neighbors with a direct line of vision. The complainant did not have a VIN or serial number for the dirt bike.

The complainant said the door was fine at 11:30 p.m. on July 12, but the door was open at 8:20 a.m. on July 20, when he left to go to the gym. The complainant reported people in the area were discussing a U-Haul truck stealing items in the community. No further information was available.

BURGLARY: Deputy C.K. Lester responded to Browning School Road, where a complainant advised he left his home on July 8 to go to North Carolina and returned on July 13 at approximately midnight, finding two doors on the front of his residence damaged. He said someone made entry. One door led to the garage. One door led into the residence.

Items missing included firearms and various computer equipment. The complainant did not have serial numbers for any of the missing items. Lester reported that the investigation would be forwarded to the MCSD detective bureau for further investigation.

DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE: At approximately 6:26 p.m., Lt. L.B. Murphy, Cpl. M.S. Horn and Deputy J.K. Farmer responded to a domestic disturbance on Elizabeth Branch Road. There, officers saw a 52-year-old man, of Flat Top, lying in the dining room floor, complaining of shoulder pain and appearing intoxicated.

The male allegedly stated he was sitting at the dining room table eating a bologna sandwich, when “for no reason and out of nowhere,” his sister, the accused of Ormond Beach, Fla., allegedly pushed him out of his chair, into the floor, where he stated he incurred minor injury by spraining his shoulder.

Officers noted there was no presence of the sister at the home, and the complainant allegedly admitted to drinking seven Natural Light beers prior to incident. He later agreed to be transported to PCH, where caregivers reported he had “strain of the cervical portion of right trapezius muscle, to be treated by Naproxen and typical home remedies, such as icing down and resting the muscle.”

The complainant was later released. He was advised of his right to seek a domestic violence protective order against the sister, and officers reported he sought and received a DVP from Magistrate Mike Flanigan at the Courthouse Annex. According to a report prepared by Lt. L.B. Murphy, a copy of this criminal complaint was slated to be completed and sent to the magistrate’s office to determine probable cause for warrants were necessary on behalf of the complainant. In Murphy’s estimation, no further investigation was warranted.