BATTERY, FALSELY REPORTING AN EMERGENCY: Lt. S.J. Cary responded to the area of the Dollar General Store on Athens Road, where a kidnapping/child abduction was reported by a woman, who alleged her daughter, approximately 19 months of age, was taken by the father, who reportedly had no parental rights to the child.

Upon the officer’s arrival, the complainant reported she had just picked up her daughter at the father’s residence where she had been for a visitation and was on the way to a dentist appointment, when she discovered the father, and his father were following her and her boyfriend, they all pulled into the store parking lot. There, she advised the child’s father allegedly attacked her and her boyfriend before removing the child from the back seat and fleeing the scene.

While speaking with the complainant, Cary reported questioning her about her boyfriend, who was not present. She advised he left to go to a friend’s house, and she gave a description of him, who Cary recognized as a subject he passed running down the road prior to his arrival at the store.

Although she appeared upset, the officer reported he could not see any physical marks on the complainant. Cary asked if she was OK, and she answered that she was not; she reported she was 5 months pregnant with her boyfriend’s child. She declined EMS treatment and said she would go to the hospital on her own afterward.

The complainant alleged she had full custody of her 19-month-old and only allowed the father to see his daughter briefly. She said she would escort the officer to the residence where she believed the suspect to have taken their daughter at Norton Place.

Cary asked the complainant to wait in the vehicle while he went inside to speak with the alleged suspect. Inside, he found the child sitting in the floor, apparently safe, playing happily, along with people who were reportedly the suspect’s parents.

He alleged that the child’s parents had been sharing custody of the 19-month-old and had an active child-protective services case from McDowell County under way because he suspected the child could be abused by another person while residing with the mother/complainant in this case.

Cary and Deputy M.R. Lacy attempted to contact that CPS worker but were not successful. During the course of this investigation, both parties alleged there was a verbal and physical altercation involving both of them, and they both allegedly declined to pursue charges. Cary advised them of the possible charges pending for lying and reporting a false emergency, particularly for the complainant. She was advised to leave and contact the CPS worker immediately to report what had taken place.

The child was left with her father and grandparents.

WARRANT SERVICE: Sarah L. Howard, 47, of Princeton, came to the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office to turn herself in on five outstanding warrants for issuing worthless checks on a pre-existing debt. Deputy D.A. Calloway conducted her arrest and processed the paperwork. Howard was then taken before a Mercer County magistrate for arraignment.

Aug. 1

HIT AND RUN: Cpl. J.D. Ellison, Deputy T.A. Lacy and Deputy J.A. Conner were dispatched to Brushfork Road in Bluefield, where a pedestrian was reported being struck by a vehicle. When officers arrived, they found a female laying in the roadway with a large head wound and other unknown injuries in front of 2989 Brushwork Road. Due to her condition, Conner reported he was unable to speak with the woman at that time.

After Bluefield Rescue quad transported the victim to Bluefield Regional Medical Center, the complainant, Christina Green, reported she had been traveling hoe from work to her residence on Packing Plant Road in Bluefield. At the time of the crash, Green reported she was traveling on Burshfork Road between Idel Akers and Packing Plant Road when she viewed what she thought was a deer lying in the road. Green stated as she got closer she was able to see that it was a female human and called 911. Green attempted to get the female’s name but could not understand what she was saying at the time.

Another woman passed the scene and stopped to attempt to offer assistance.

After taking photos and processing the scene, units proceeded to BRMC, where Bluefield Rescue Squad workers said they were able to get the woman’s name and date of birth. She was a 40-year-old female, who stated she had gotten into an argument with her boyfriend and had left walking. She was not sure if anyone was with her at the time she was struck by the vehicle.

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