July 13

FLEEING WITH RECKLESS INDIFFERENCE, REVOKED FOR DUI: Ptlm. C.C. Butler was patrolling the area of Thorn Street, when he reported seeing a maroon Chevy Cavalier traveling west that was believed to have been involved in a petit larceny a few days previously. As the officer attempted to turn around to pursue the Cavalier, the vehicle allegedly accelerated to a high rate of speed and turned down through the parking lot of the Thorn Street car wash and through an alley.

At that point, the officer activated his emergency lights and siren, pursuing the Cavalier onto Kirk Street and southbound onto Sough Wickham Avenue at a high rate of speed. The vehicle then reportedly began to slow down and cut several vehicles off as it turned onto Rogers Street.

The Cavalier then allegedly turned onto Ingleside Road and west onto U.S. 460. By that time, multiple other cruisers were involved in the pursuit, and the Cavalier eventually pulled to the side of the road between Ingleside and Locust Street.

The driver, identified as Paul Hoston, 53, of Princeton, exited the car and was taken into custody. He alleged he ran from the traffic stop because he knew his driver’s license was revoked for DUI and that he would be arrested. Also in the passenger seat was Hoston’s girlfriend and the owner of the vehicle. She stated she had pleaded with Hoston to just pull over. She was released to a family member shorty after providing a statement.

Butler reported that he would like it noted the chase took place during a busy time of day when traffic was very heavy.

Mercer 911 confirmed that Hoston’s license had been revoked for DUI. He was then transported to Princeton Police Department, where he was processed and taken to Southern Regional Jail.

July 14

DRIVING REVOKED FOR DUI, SIMPLE POSSESSION: Ptlm. C.C. Butler was patrolling the area of South Seventh Street, when he reported seeing a silver Mazda with a temporary registration turn south from the alley between Bluefield and Princeton avenues. Butler then reported seeing the male in the driver’s seat was not wearing his safety belt. The officer activated his emergency lights and conducted a traffic stop in the parking lot of Domino’s Pizza. Upon running the driver’s information through Mercer 911, Butler was advised the driver’s operator’s license was revoked for an active DUI conviction.

David Earnest, 21, of Princeton, was then placed into custody. Because the Mazda was being towed, the officer conducted an inventory of the vehicle, and reported finding a sealed package of Suboxone, a glass pipe with burn marks on it and a firearm.

Earnest was then transported to Princeton Police Department, where he was processed and taken to Southern Regional Jail to await arraignment.

DUI: Ptlm. S.W. Owens was traveling west on U.S. 460 at the interchange of I-77 North, when he reported seeing a white Nissan vehicle attempting to proceed down the ramp toward oncoming traffic. Owens then initiated a traffic stop. After stopping the vehicle, the officer had the driver step out of the car and turn it off.

While initially speaking with the driver, Owens noticed an open container of beer inside the vehicle. He also noticed the driver to be disoriented, to have droopy eyelids, to be drowsy and to have bloodshot, watery eyes.

After observing the driver, Owens opted to take David Jeffery, 61, of Princeton, to Princeton Police Department for safety and lighting concerns for field sobriety testing. Jeffery showed impairment on all elements of the field sobriety testing and reportedly refused a secondary chemical test to measure his blood-alcohol content. Therefore, Jeffery was charged with DUI. He was processed and taken to Southern Regional Jail to await arraignment.

July 15

BREACH OF PEACE: Ptlm. J.A. Angle responded to Peck Street, where a complainant was reportedly attempting to leave his residence. He advised Angle a woman had threatened him with a knife and would not leave him alone. While the officer spoke with the woman in question, she allegedly spoke with a continuously raised voice and attempted to incite violence with the male. Due to her continuously violent behavior, belligerent manner and refusal to obey officers’ orders, the woman, Sabrina Guy, 38, of Princeton, was charged with breach of peace. Angle also noted that officers did not locate any weapon to support the complainant’s allegation of a knife.

BREACH OF PEACE, PUBLIC INTOXICATION: While on patrol in Mercer County, Ptlm. J.A. Angle responded to Highland Avenue, where a fight was reported in progress. When he arrived, the officer reported seeing Roger Butcher standing outside his residence. The officer spoke with Butcher, who reportedly smelled strongly of alcohol, slurred his words significantly and was unsteady on his feet. Witnesses advised that Butcher, 48, of Princeton, had been standing outside his residence, yelling racial slurs before the officer arrived and had pulled down his pants to expose himself. Due to the suspect’s complete disregard to the rights of the citizens and his belligerent behavior, Angle reported that Butcher was arrested on the listed charges.