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Feb. 14

OBSTRUCTING AN OFFICER: During City Court at the Mercer County Courthouse, a woman was arrested for impersonating her sister. The subject, Sabrina Long, 34, of Princeton, stated that she was her sister when the sister’s name was called. Her sister was called to court to attend to her citations. Long’s identity was verified by Sgt. C.C. Butler by previous incidents. Long was put under arrest and taken to the Princeton City Police Department.

DRIVING REVOKED DUI: While on patrol, Patrolman W.W. McGuire observed a purple Nissan Maxima traveling southbound faster than the posted speed limit of thirty-five miles-per-hour. McGuire, by way of his vehicle’s stalker mobile radar, verified that the vehicle was traveling at forty-four miles per hour. The driver, Sabrina Martin, 37, of Princeton, advised that her license was revoked and had been for some time. After running Martin’s information through the Mercer 911 center, it was discovered that Martin’s license was revoked for multiple active DUI offenses with conviction dates of 2-11-15 and 1-14-14. Martin was placed under arrest and taken to the Princeton City Police Department.

Feb. 19

SHOPLIFTING THIRD OFFENSE, TRESPASSING: Ptlm. E.D. Leftwich was dispatched to Grants on East Main Street in reference to Shawn Kanode, 34, of Princeton, trespassing, and shoplifting. Video footage showed Kanode taking two monster energy drinks and hid them in his coat pocket. The price of the two drinks totals to $4.38. Kanode has also signed a paper in 2009 stating that he understood he was not welcome back due to previous shopliftings. Mercer 911 informed Leftwich that Kanode had two counts of shoplifting within a seven-year span. The first conviction was for shoplifting second offense on 3-4-2010, through the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department. The second conviction, for first defense shoplifting first offense, was on 5-11-2011 through the Princeton City Police Department. Kanode was taken to the Princeton City Police Department.

Feb. 20

DRIVING REVOKED DUI, IMPROPER REGISTRATION, NO INSURANCE, DEFECTIVE EQUIPMENT: While patrolling in Princeton Officer J.E. Carroll performed a traffic stop on a green Chevrolet blazer with WV registration for a defective exhaust. The driver, Jeffrey Tilley, 57, of Princeton, said he couldn’t give the officer his insurance or registration. Carroll observed Tilley was not wearing his seat belt. Mercer 911 advised Carroll that Tilley’s license is actively revoked for five current DUI’s and the license plate went on a Chevrolet Cavalier. Carroll arrested Tilley and took him to Princeton City Police Department.

Feb. 21

DRIVING REVOKED DUI: Sgt. C.C. Butler was dispatched to the Liberty gas station on Rogers Street in reference to a male and female arguing. On scene, Butler witnessed Ryan Bowles, 23, of Princeton, standing in front of the gas station trying to contact someone for money. The gas station attendant said that Bowles drive his silver Ford F-150 pickup, with WV registration, to the station and put approximately $67 worth of gas in it. Bowles and the female subject began arguing over who would pay for the gas. Butler noted that she left the scene prior to his arrival. Mercer 911 advised that Bowles had his license revoked for DUI along with driving a truck that is unregistered and uninsured. Bowles was placed under arrest for operating a motor vehicle with an operator that is revoked for an active DUI and issued him several citations for his vehicle. Bowles’ vehicle was towed due to not being insured.

Feb. 22

FUGITIVE FROM JUSTICE: Officer W.W. McGuire and Ptlm. Owens responded in reference to a 911 call complaint of a possible drunk driver driving a white Chevrolet 1500 pickup truck. Owens located a vehicle matching the description behind Kroger’s Pharmacy and conducted a traffic stop. Mercer 91 informed officers that the passenger, Tony Underwood, 54, of Princeton, was wanted in Bluefield Va. as a fugitive from justice. Underwood was wanted for writing bad checks. Underwood was then placed under arrest and taken to the Princeton City Police Department.

DRIVING REVOKED DUI: Officer W.W. McGuire observed a silver Suzuki SUV with an expired WV inspection sticker while patrolling the area of Courthouse Road. McGuire conducted a traffic stop at the parking lot of Papa John’s. The driver, Jackie Justice, 25, of Princeton, advised that he did not have a valid driver’s license. Justice’s license had been revoked for an active DUI. Mercer 911 verified the information and McGuire placed Justice under arrest. Justice was taken to the Princeton City Police Department for processing.

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