Princeton Police blotter...

Princeton Police Department

May 7

CONSPIRACY, FRAUDULENT USE OF AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE, FORGERY AND UTTERING, IDENTITY THEFT: Ptlm. Leftwich was dispatched to the Dollar General in Kroger’s Plaza in reference to a fraudulence use of a debit/credit card. The victim informed Leftwich that they dropped their phone in the Taco Bell bathroom as well as their debit card. The victim did not know the debit card had fallen out. The victim later checked her account and saw a transaction in Smoker Friendly, in the same plaza, and spoke with the cashier of the store. The cashier informed her that three women had entered bought some items then left. The victim and her friend witnessed the three women enter the Dollar General. Upon entering the store the victim witnessed the suspect, Emily Reed, 25, of Bluefield, W.Va., using the card in the store’s card reader. After reviewing the surveillance footage Leftwich witnessed the suspect, Misty Lester, use the card and forge the victim’s signature. The amount at Smoker Friendly totaled $27.50. The amount the suspects tried to purchase at the Dollar General totaled $267.50. Both suspects were arrested and transported to PPD. Both suspects were revoked through Home Confinement due to the new charges. Reed’s bond was revoked by the City of Princeton. Both were transported by home confinement to magistrate court for the new charges. 

May 9

DRIVING REVOKED DUI, DRIVING SUSPENDED FOR MISC. 3RD OFFENSE: Ptlm J.E. Carroll observed a black Honda with the lights not working. After pulling over, the driver, Steven Oscar Champ, 24, of Rock, informed Carroll that he didn’t have a license as it was currently suspended. Mercer 911 informed Carroll that Champ’s license is currently revoked for DUI and suspended for unpaid citations. Champ’s license was revoked for DUI on 10-9-18 and suspended for unpaid citations on 12-12-18. Champ has two previous convictions for driving suspended non-DUI on 3-1-19 and 12-27-18.

May 10

DRIVING SUSPENDED 3RD OFFENSE, NO PROOF OF INSURANCE, EXPIRED MVI: Ptlm J.D. Shrewsbury was conducting a concentrated highways safety patrol in Princeton when he observed a black and pink Dodge Charger westbound on Straley Approach towards Mercer Street as he was traveling eastbound. The vehicle’s inspection sticker was expired on March 31, 2018. Shrewsbury then conducted a traffic stop. The driver, Amanda Graham, 39, of Bluefield, W.Va., advised that she didn’t have proof of insurance and that her license was currently suspended for unpaid citations. Shrewsbury was advised that her license was suspended for administrative purposes and she also had suspended citations on 10-26-18 and 1-3-18. Mercer 911 informed Shrewsbury that Graham had an active bench warrant through the City of Bluefield, W. Va. Graham was then placed under arrest.

May 11

FUGITIVE FROM JUSTICE: Ptlm. J.E. Carroll stopped a black Nissan for the passenger not wearing his seatbelt. Carrol then obtained all the passenger’s as well as the driver’s information. Mercer 911 advised that the passenger, Jonathan Christopher, Woodie, 28, of Bluefield Va., and Rashad Ali Giles, 40, of Bluefield, W. Va., had active warrants through Tazewell Co. Carroll and Shrewsbury transported them to PPD. 

May 19

DRUG PARAPHERNALIA, SIMPLE POSSESSION: Leftwich stopped a suspect, Jonathan Croy, 34, of Princeton, in reference to another suspected crime. Croy had two pills, which were not prescribed to him, in his pocket as well as a glass pipe which was believed to have meth residue inside. Croy was placed under arrest.

May 20

FELLON IN POSSESSION OF FIREARM, POSSESSION WITH INTENT, SCHEDULE I CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE, FLEETING ON FOOT, IMPROPER REGISTRATION: Ptlm. A.S. Epperson observed a blue Buick speed past him then make an abrupt left-hand turn and almost strike the corner. The suspect then pulled into a parking space of a residence and fled on foot around the house. Epperson caught him around the house. The suspect was in possession of a large amount of U.S. currency in his hand. The total amount was $780 in cash and $6.53 in change. In the rear seat of the vehicle, Epperson found several guns and a bag of a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana accumulating to 12.8 grams. The suspect, Wiley Hill, 44, of Princeton was placed in the cruiser. A metal box was found with another individual’s name on the side as well as paperwork belonging to the other individual. The box was found to have been stolen. Epperson then found a large amount of ammo. Epperson then found a small box containing several small plastic bags and several diabetic syringes. The plate and the vehicle were found to belong to two different individuals other than Hill. Mercer 911 informed Epperson that Hill was driving suspended with an effective date of 11-14-18. The officer also found him to be a convicted felon in WV. 

May 25

DISORDERLY CONDUCT, PUBLIC INTOXICATION, OBSTRUCTION, BATTERY ON AN OFFICER X2: Officers were dispatched to the alleyway behind British Petroleum gas station on Bee Street in reference to an intoxicated male in jeans and no shirt jumping onto the hoods of passing cars. Officers observed Eddie Washington, 43, of Princeton, acting in an intoxicated manner. Washington was acting belligerent to officers. He then calmed down and was transported to his friend’s house. Upon exiting the vehicle Washington became belligerent and spit in Ptlm. S.W. Owen’s face while saying, “Take me to regional.” While transporting the male to PPD he became belligerent once more and stating he would kill the officer’s families. He then stated, “Watch this,” and threw himself over the back seat like a salmon swimming upstream. Leftwich stopped the vehicle and asked Sgt. C.C. Butler, who was traveling behind him, to assist. Washington was transported to Butler’s cruiser. During transport, he hit Butler with his shoulders and attempted to head butt him. Butler then picked the suspect up and transported him to PPD. 

May 25

OBSTRUCTING AND OFFICER, BATTERY ON AN OFFICER, PUBLIC INTOXICATION: Lt. J.D. Halsey received a call in reference to a male jumping in and out of traffic on Mercer Street. Upon arrival Ptlm. Epperson and Ptlm. Wyatt made contact with the defendant, Billy Hartwell, 51, of Blacksburg, Va. Halsey then arrived on scene and observed Hartwell be highly intoxicated and smell like alcohol. Hartwell was also standing against a wall for balance. Hartwell initially failed to obey officers to provide ID. After the third attempt of telling Hartwell to contact a ride, Hartwell closed his phone and refused. Hartwell was taken into custody for his safety. He then became belligerent and began threatening the officers. Once at PPD Hartwell kicked the holding facility door into Epperson’s leg. Hartwell continually made threats and made multiple advances toward officers in a threatening manner. Hartwell was processed and taken to Beckley regional.