Princeton Police blotter...

August 7

FAILURE TO YIELD TO EMERGENCY VEHICLE, RECKLESS DRIVING, SIMPLE POSSESSION (MARIJUANA): While parked in the area of Low Gap road Ptlm. J.E. Carroll observed a grey Honda Accord traveling North at 45mph in a 25 mph zone. Carroll then initiated his emergency blue lights and siren in an attempt to pull the vehicle over. The vehicle then began to travel faster in an attempt to flee. During this pursuit, Carroll observed the driver travel on the inside of every turn while driving at a high speed. Near a quarter-mile outside of city limits, the vehicle stopped in the middle of the road to which Carroll initiated a felony traffic stop and placed the driver in handcuffs. When the driver, Amir Jaquan Lumpkins, 21, of Princeton, why didn’t stop, he stated he had a marijuana cigar inside of his center console. Lumpkins was then placed in Carroll’s patrol car and searched the vehicle where a marijuana cigar was found.

DRIVING REVOKED DUI 2ND OFFENSE, DEFECTIVE EQUIPMENT, FRAUDULENT REGISTRATION:Ptlm. R.S. Dyson and Detective S.M. Severt were patrolling the area of Stafford Drive when they observed a red Chevrolet Silverado traveling eastbound with a taillight and left tag light out. Once approaching closer the officers observed the sticker on the registration plate to be fraudulent as it said 2019 but it was the 2020 color. Officers then pulled the vehicle over on Rogers Street. The driver, Stevenson Lilly, 47, of Bluefield, was revoked for a DUI, according to Mercer 911. Mercer 911 also advised that Lilly had a previous conviction of DUI on 5/23/2018. 

August 10

DISORDERLY CONDUCT, OBSTRUCTION: Ptlm. E.D. Leftwich and Ptlm. D. Gibson was dispatched to the area of the Blue Flash Petrol Station on Rogers Street in reference to an individual being belligerent to Princeton Rescue Squad personnel. Once on the scene, Leftwich stopped Raffael DeFalco, 50, of Lebanon, Va., who was acting hostile and stating he had signed a refusal for the rescue squad. Mercer 911 informed that he had not signed a form and that he was attempting to walk away while the squad was trying to help him. While at the petrol station, a female who would not identify herself, stated that Raffael was just tired. After continuously refusing to identify herself, she was placed in handcuffs for not complying. She then identified herself and Brandy DeFalco, 32, of Lebanon, Va. After placing the female in handcuffs officers attempted to place Raffael in cuffs. While attempting to put Raffael in cuffs Brandy became violent and had to be restrained by Gibson. Raffael continually resisted officers and refused to comply. The pair were then transported to the police department.

August 11

SIMPLE POSSESSION OF A CONT. SUBS. (METH): Ptlm. R.S. Dyson responded to a traffic stop by Sgt. C.C. Butler near Mercer Street. While Butler was speaking to the driver, Dyson approached the passenger side of the car. Dyson then identified the passenger as Joshua Long, 34, of Princeton, and observed him attempt to place an unknown item in the rear region behind his person. Dyson then observed a yellow plastic container behind him in the seat which is typically used to place crystal methamphetamine or heroine in. Dyson then asked Long to step out of the vehicle and performed an officer’s safety pat-down search of his person. Butler was then given permission to search the vehicle for more narcotics. Dyson then located a small bag with clear crystal residue he also observed a yellow container with clear crystal substance in it as well. Dyson then secured the items and placed them in his patrol vehicle. Long was then placed under arrest for possession of a controlled substance.

August 12

DRIVING REVOKED FOR DUI, NO INSURANCE: Ptlm. B.L. Charente observed a blue Chevrolet Malibu with the driver not wearing his seatbelt. Charette then initiated his emergency blue lights to initiate an emergency traffic stop. Charette was then advised that the driver, Timothy Phillips, 45, of Kegley, was revoked for DUI. Phillips was also unable to provide insurance at the time. Charette then placed the man under arrest. Mercer 911 advised that the revocation date occurred on 3-13-2008.

 August 13

FAILURE TO APPEAR, ASSAULT ON HEALTH CARE WORKER X2: Officers received a call at Princeton Community Hospital of a male threatening ER staff. Once on scene Ptlm. B.L Charette and Ptlm. J.E. Carroll made contact with the registered nurse who stated that James Jasper, 49, of Wyoming, W. Va., was threatening to physically harm nurses. Officers identified him from previous encounters. Mercer 911 advised that Jasper had an active warrant through Princeton and was then transported to the Police Department.

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