Princeton Police blotter...

August 16

DISORDERLY CONDUCT: Sgt. R.S. Gibson responded to a call of a neighbor dispute in the area of Starlet Ave. Once on the scene, Gibson observed a female standing in her yard. The female advised that her neighbor was threatening her and her children. She also advised that they seemed intoxicated. Gibson then made contact with the second party where he observed a male subject to loudly scream and expletive. The male then came from behind a wooden fence and approached his neighbors in a threatening manner while shouting expletives. Gibson ordered the male, Michael Justice, 42, of Princeton, to calm down five times to which he didn’t comply. Justice then entered the roadway and continued being irate with children present. Justice was then placed under arrest for disorderly conduct.

DRIVING REVOKED FOR DUI: Ptlm. W.W. McGuire responded to the area of Thorn Street in reference to a motor vehicle accident. On the scene, McGuire made contact with both parties and began to gather information to complete the crash report. Mercer 911 then advised that the at-fault driver, Anthony Banks Jr., 22, of Princeton, has a revoked WV license for an active DUI on 8-2-19. Banks was then placed under arrest.

DUI 1ST OFFENSE, POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA, NO INSURANCE: Sgt. R.S. Gibson and Ptlm. R.S. Dyson responded to the intersection of Ingleside Rd. and U.S. 460 in reference to a motor vehicle accident. Gibson, arriving first on the scene, observed a Nissan Versa heading north in the left hand turning lane towards the south of Ingleside Road. Gibson observed that the Nissan seemed to have struck a Grand Jeep Cherokee Laredo head-on. The Cherokee was in the left turning lane at the red light heading south on Ingleside road. Gibson spoke with the driver of the Nissan and identified him as Benjamin Tibbs, 21, of Princeton. Gibson advised that while speaking to Tibbs he could smell a strong smell of alcoholic beverage coming from Tibbs’ breath. Tibbs also had bloodshot eyes and was uneasy on his feet. Tibbs advised that he had only had two beers. Gibson then performed an officer safety pat down when Tibbs advised that a small bag of marijuana was in his front right pants pocket. When asked Tibbs agreed to perform a field sobriety test. Tibbs failed to perform the tasks smoothly and could not keep proper balance during the tests. When asked to provide a breath test sample Tibbs’ reading was .113 BAC. Once on scene, after speaking with Gibson, Dyson placed Tibbs under arrest. When asked if he had insurance on his vehicle Tibbs responded that he did not.

August 21

POSSESSION OF CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE X3: Ptlm. W.W. McGuire responded to a call of a missing person, stemming from an earlier call that same day. Once on the scene of the residence the homeowner, Mitchell Brooks, 25, of Princeton, advised that he had not seen the missing person and that he didn’t know him. While talking to Brooks, McGuire could observe a female that appeared to be unconscious on the couch while directly in front of a stool with multiple hypodermic needles, pills, a small plastic bags in plain view. McGuire also observed that Brooks was bleeding from both arms from injection sights. McGuire also observed numerous glass pipes and white residue inside of glass smoking pipes. Officers then entered the residence to seize the items and perform a welfare check on the female. Numerous bags of white crystalline substance consistent with Methamphetamine, as well as brown powder-like substance consistent with Heroine, were found. Throughout the apartment officers located another female who was unconscious in the back bedroom. While assessing the female officers found multiple hypodermic needles as well as plastic bags containing white crystal substance consistent with methamphetamine. All narcotics and paraphernalia were seized for evidence and occupants Brooks, Belinda Ridge, 36, of Princeton, and Tina Mullins 33, of Princeton, were arrested for illegal possession of narcotics. When asked if they would like to be treated by EMS personnel they all declined.

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