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Vehicles file through the lanes heading toward Beckley at the Pax toll station on Wednesday afternoon

CHARLESTON — Though the deal to obtain an E-Z Pass, valid for three years, has come and gone, the West Virginia Parkways Authority is still offering an alternative deal to travelers.

General Manager of the West Virginia Parkways Authority, Greg Barr, said, “If people didn’t get the three year, $24 pass, we have a $25 one year plan. It’s good for one year after the date of purchase.”

Travelers shouldn’t fear of running out of time to obtain this pass, as it is, “available forever,” according to Barr.

The E-Z Pass requires the purchase of the transponder, a small device that is placed on your dashboard, easily accessible through the windshield. The transponder is $13 and is scanned through the windshield, as travelers drive through the E-Z Pass passageway.

The total fee is $25 for the pass and $13 for the transponder.

Barr expressed the convenience of the E-Z Pass as it allows drivers the ability to drive through the toll booth without stopping. “Sometimes you don’t even have to slow down,” Barr said.

“Another good thing about the transponder is they work in other states as well,” Barr said. This allows travelers to pass through states with ease. Though in order for the E-Z Pass to work in other states, travelers must link a credit card to their pass account, with a minimum of $20. To apply for an E-Z Pass, this can be done in person at the Charleston office of the Parkways Authority, mail or fax, or online at the Parkways Authority website. The website offers a step by step guide on how to set up your account. For more information on the E-Z Pass, or toll fees, contact the Parkway Authority at 304-926-1900.

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