DRIVING REVOKED DUI 1st: An officer conducted a traffic stop on U.S. Route 460. Allegedly, upon the officer speaking with the subject advised the officer that he had a revoked driver’s license for DUI. The subject was also issued three citations for defective equipment.

Robert Poore, 32, of Bluefield, was arrested.


DUI 1ST OFFENSE, NO INSURANCE, SUSPENDED OPERATORS, NO INSURANCE, DRIVING REVOKED FOR DUI, PERMITTING NO OPERATORS, LEAVING SCENE (DAMAGE), PERMITTING DUI, FAILURE TO REPORT CRASH WITH $500 PROPERTY DAMAGE, FAILURE TO CHANGE ADDRESS WITHIN 20 DAYS: A complainant advised the officer that a subject had struck the rear bumper of her vehicle and drove away without stopping. The officer observed a vehicle matching the description of the hit and run vehicle later in the day. A traffic stop was conducted on the vehicle. Allegedly, as the officer approached the vehicle there was a strong odor of alcoholic beverage omitting from the vehicle; the passenger of the vehicle matched the description of the hit and run driver. The female subject later allegedly admitted to officers that she was driving when she struck the vehicle in the parking lot on Mercer Street. She also allegedly admitted to letting her son get in the driver’s seat to drive after the accident. The son who was allegedly the driver at the time of the traffic stop had a blood alcohol content of .161. Aaron Reed, 20, of Bluefield, was arrested. Rebecca Blankenship, 40, of Bluefield, was arrested.

POSSESSION OF A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE TO-WIT XANAX, SHOPLIFTING: An officer responded to a situation of two customers being possibly intoxicated. Allegedly, the officer found a male subject trying to count money and to be almost passing out in the floor. A female subject was allegedly found staggering around between her buggy and items in the store. The officer asked the male subject if he could do a pat down on him. Allegedly, the male subject tried to pass a bottle which contained 15 Xanax pills inside of it to the female subject. The officer then conducted an officer safety pat down on the female subject. The female subject allegedly told the officer that she had a couple stolen items from the store in her purse. Bernard Cole, 38, of Princeton, was arrested. Kristina Tiller, 29, of Princeton, was arrested.

DUI 1ST OFFENSE: An officer observed a driver driving in a hazardous manner. A traffic stop was conducted. Allegedly, the driver almost wrecked before being pulled over by the officer. The subject allegedly showed impairment on all three standard field sobriety tests. The subject’s BAC was .114. Devan Lewis, 21, of Princeton, was arrested.


BREACH OF PEACE: An officer received a call about a fight in front of Grant’s on East Main Street. Several individuals stated that the subject was trying to fight everyone walking on the sidewalks. The subject was allegedly located with an open container of alcohol and appeared highly intoxicated. Upon the officer speaking with the subject he became combative and belligerent. His BAC was found to be .245. John Farley, 38, of Princeton, was arrested.

BREACH OF PEACE: Officers with the police department received many 911 calls in reference to a disorderly and intoxicated male at the downtown motel located on Mercer Street. Allegedly, when the officer located the subject, he was highly intoxicated and officers could smell a distinct odor of an alcoholic beverage omitting from his person. Officers also allegedly viewed the subject stagger and nearly fall on many occasions. The subject was advised to stay in his room but refused. Officers spoke with people from nearly every room located on the rear side of the building to which all stated that the subject was outside yelling loudly and attempting to kick down a door. Michael Hickman, 57, of Princeton, was arrested.

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