GLENWOOD — Before Greg Pruett retired as Superintendent of Glenwood Recreational Park, he had set in motion changes which are now being done under the watch of current superintendent Kevin Dials.

Dials said Tuesday, “We’re working on some stuff to spruce up the park for our visitors.”

Among those changes, he said, was the building of a new Picnic Shelter #4 to replace the old shelter and a new place for the wedding area to allow for changing with more privacy, instead of using tents as before.

“We’re nearly finished building the new shelter and we’re got to do some interior work on the wedding building such as installing white vinyl panels,” he said.

In addition, he added, “We’re going to be repainting many of our buildings to give them a fresh appearance.”

A major change in the near-future will be the building of anew stage for musical and other performing acts.

Dials added that the Mercer County Commission has been supportive of the various changes made at the park.

“Largely, we’re just going to try to improve the look of the park to give it a more professional look. There will be other projects coming along as the money for them becomes available,” Dials said.

One of the park’s on-going programs, he said, is a program to increase awareness of pollinators such as bees and butterflies and their importance to nature. To that end, Dials said, a local Girl Scout troop helped plant wildflowers near the historic Calfee-Wall cabin located near the park’s entrance to attract pollinators and to make the park more attractive.

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