PRINCETON — A new business in the Mercer Street Grassroots District is creating a buzz in the area.

Blue Ridge Bee Company, is set to open near the end of September. With unique goods, specializing in beekeeping supplies and bee by-products, the store has already drawn a crowd. As well as local meats and other goods, the store will also offer locally grown and canned nonperishables.

“We’ll have honey, beekeeping supplies, local meat, produce, ice cream, sodas, old candies, soap and lotions, things that have wax or honey in them,” owner William Lambert, said.

Husband and wife, William and Emily Lambert, hope to offer unique goods to the surrounding area. With many locally-grown and sourced goods, the couple seeks to be as local as possible.

“We’ll be as local as much as we can. There will be times of the year when we can’t source certain things locally,” Emily said.

With the interior showcasing exposed brick, hardwoods floors, and a stone facade, guests can also experience the beauty of the structure. With elements such as large wooden barn doors, William and Emily have worked diligently on the business.

“I started keeping bees like five years ago and I started selling the product online,” William said, “I realized we can make money at this.”

After seeing the property available, the couple decided to bring their dreams to life. So became the Blue Ridge Bee Company.

“I found the building for sale and I figured we’d give this a try,” William said.

As for beekeeping, the couple has been at the trade for several years. During their journey, they’ve realized how much of the bee population has suffered from things like the parasites and illness. Of the factors that bees face, the varroa mite is one of the biggest obstacles to overcome.

“We’ve lost so many bees. It’s important to keep as many bees as possible for pollination purposes and keeping the bees as healthy as possible,” William said.

For more information on the Blue Ridge Bee Company find them online at

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