New mural for Bluewell

Located at Topps Electronics in Bluewell, the new mural welcomes ATV riders and tourists to "ATV country"

BLUEWELL — A new piece of outdoor art is welcoming the increasing numbers tourists and their ATVs coming to Mercer County and its branch of the Hatfield-McCoy Trail.

The Welcome to ATV Country mural was painted recently on the Topps Electronics building off U.S. Route 52 in Bluewell near Lynn’s Drive Inn and Martin’s Furniture. Both visitors and local motorists can see it as they drive down the highway toward Bramwell.

“The planning for this started about a year ago,” said Greg Puckett, executive director of Community Connections, Inc. and a member of the Mercer County Commission. “Two years ago, we put the Keep Mercer Clean mural on the side of the laundromat . We’ve been working with Skip Crane to identify more mural opportunities, so we’ve been talking about putting a new mural in Bluewell for over a year. We’ve been talking with Jamie Null with the (Mercer County) Convention and Visitors Bureau about putting up a new mural for the ATV industry.”

People watching the traffic going down Route 52 can see how much local ATV tourism has grown, Puckett stated.

“If you stand there and look out at highway 52, you can literally look at a million dollars rolling down the road every minute on a Friday night or a Sunday morning,” Puckett said. “You have your side-bysides, your trailers, and there are times when you can have a box trailer, a truck and two ATVs that are well over $100,000 together.”

Painting the mural creates something that ATV tourists can photograph and then share with family and friends across the country.

“And so in talking to Jamie, we wanted to do something that might be a photo opportunity to get your picture with your ATV,” Puckett said. “When I travel with other people, you’ll notice a lot of murals will be down low where people can get their car or ATV in it, and use the hashtag to help promote tourism where they are.”

“Well, I just think it shows that Bluewell is progressive,” said Skip Crane, president of the Bluewell Improvement Association. “The traffic has really increased tremendously this summer. Our town has grown so much, we decided to have a clean up this Saturday. Greg Puckett, the fire department, the Women’s Club, Bluewell Improvement and the Lion’s Club and any interested citizen are participating. It starts at about 9:30 a.m. at the Welcome to ATV Country sign. We’re going to clean up Route 52 and Lorton Lick Road.”

Null said the mural was a collaboration between Puckett, Crane and the county Convention and Visitors Bureau. The colors and CVB logo help identify Mercer County for anyone who sees it.

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