PRINCETON — Princeton has welcomed their first microbrewery, the Sophisticated Hound Brewery Company, located on Mercer Street.

According to the owner, Matt Barnett, the brewery’s focus is to do as much local business as possible.

“We brew here in the back. We do a lot of stuff local, we try to do everything as local as possible. All of our logos are done by a local graphic designer and our metal sign was made by a local artist,” Barnett said.

Barnett has been brewing since 2010, but once he started doing bigger business, he got his license in 2013.

The brewery began with the focus of participating in Bluefield’s Octoberfest event. At Octoberfest, the Hound was, “The first craft brewery to run out of beer,” Barnett said.

The name of their beer, Racer 8 American Stout, as well as the restaurant’s name, are inspired by Barnett’s dog. The dog, Denouncer, a retired racing greyhound, adorned the number 8 everytime he would race.

The brew can be found in several local restaurants, including Texas Roadhouse, Campestre in Princeton and Beckley, two restaurants in Charleston, Gimenelli’s in Princeton, and on rotate at both Chili’s and Applebee’s.

Due to their success, the brewery decided to open their doors.

In June of last year, the brewery opened, allowing guests to partake in the enjoyable atmosphere. Since their opening, the Hound has become a favorite of residents.

In the beginning, the brewery was only open on Saturday evenings, but due to continued success, they are now opening their doors on Fridays, beginning today, as well.

“Now that we’ve got everything running and a bigger system in the back we can start opening on Fridays, we’re ready to go this Friday for sure,” Barnett said.

Hours are now, Fridays, 5 - 10:30, and Saturday, 3 - 10:30. Though it is set to close at 10:30, Barnett said, “We won’t kick you out. We’ll just shut the doors so no others can come in. You can stay as you’d like.”

On Saturdays, the Hound hosts live music for the guests to enjoy.

The brewery also offers merchandise, with shirts ranging from 12 to 25 dollars.

To contact the brewery, you can find them on Facebook at @sophisticatedhoundbrewing

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