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Continuing with Barty Wyatt’s history of the Houchins family as recounted in William Sanders II’s book “A New River Heritage, Volume IV”, (1994, McClain Publishing), we come to Charles Houchins, son of James and Molly Harvey Houchins.

Charles married Catherine Hobbs and they had two children, Mahala Mann and Harvey Houchins. Mahala raised Harvey after their mother passed away. She moved with her husband, William Mann, to Indiana just after the Civil War.

Harvey had a son, Granville, who lived to the age of 97 in Osseo, Minnesota.

Their sister Agnes joined the family migration to Indiana after the war. She married Wesley Dunbar.

Sister Sarah Houchins died young, while Virginia married John Vest and lived at Pipestem as did Louise Houchins Martin who lived at the present site of Pipestem State Park.

Charles’ brother, Thomas, married Elizabeth Ellison in 1838. He reportedly moved to Texas and operated a large fruit farm.

Another brother, Bennett, lived at Flat Top. His daughter Harriet married Madison “Matt” Cook and had four sons.

William and Julia Alice Houchins had a dentist son Dr. John Houchins, who had a long practice at Northfork and then established one in Charleston. He married twice, a woman with the last name of Tate, then Mable Morgan of Buckhannon. They had one son, John, Jr., and two grandchildren. Dr. John retired to Vista, California.

Dr. John had a dentist brother, Dr. Ray, who had practices in Keystone and Charleston. His son, Ray, Jr., is a lawyer living in California.

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