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Before getting more into the Houchins family history by Barty Wyatt via William Sanders II’s “A New River Heritage, Volume IV”,(1994, McClain Publishing), I want to thank all those who have contacted me in relation to various subjects. It’ll take me time to get to all of them, but hopefully, I will to your satisfaction.

Going back in history, we come to Celia Houchins, born in 1847, who married Joe Hubbard. Their children were Granville born 1870; Willie born in 1875, who later married Frank Mason; and John.

Her brother William (1853-1921) grew up in the Pipestem District of Summers County (then still part of Mercer County). He was a highly-qualified old time schoolteacher who probably attended Concord Normal School early in his career.

Note: CNS was physically open in 1875, when William was 22. Apparently, the student body was diverse to some extent in age.

William taught in many Summers and Mercer county schools. On June 24, 1874, he married Julia Alice Barker and they had eight children.

Their oldest, Cyrus, born in 1877, was a successful businessman dealing in real estate, timber, cattle, merchandise and automobiles. His daughter Maya married W. Oris Barton, a longtime Princeton City Clerk and former City Manager. Their daughter married Donald Okes and she had two children Stephen and David Okes.

Their oldest daughter Maude married William Monroe of Hinton. Their son Frank was a Baptist minister living in Winston Salem, N.C.

Dr. Edward K. Houchins was a medical doctor in Chicago for many years. He was the second son and fourth child.

Third son Dr. Prince W. Houchins, was a dentist who practiced in Kimball. He was widowed once and remarried a schoolteacher. They had three children,Jane, who died young; William Meredith, a college teacher in Roanoke, Va., who married and had three children; and Donald, a farm equipment agent who was killed in a car crash. He had two daughters, Beth and Betsy.

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