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Continuing on with our look at Athens, courtesy of Ella Holroyd’s notes later edited by Margaret Ann Scott which saw print in the 1987 volume of the Mercer County Historical Society’s “History of Mercer County”, we go off the main road to look at West Concord Street.

The first house on the left belonged to Arthur and Maude Martin and their daughter Edna Mae. It was built by Dan and Della Wright who moved after they had raised a family. Arthur was the son of George B. Martin.

Joe Caldwell built the next home which was rented out. The Higginbotham, Umbarger, Hardy and Kelley families all lived there.

Another Martin, Raymond “Red” Martin, bought the James F. Holroyd pasture and woodland and subdivided it into lots. On one lot, he built a brick house. He was married to Eula Jennings, who ran the family drugstore where Gino’s now stands and they lived with her family. The home housed longtime county bus driver Dempsey Cheatwood and his family.

Another home which was new back then was the home built by Carl and Cleo Noble, who sold it to former Concord professor and Concord Training School principal Fred Rogers. After he moved upstate, he sold it to then-Concord head football coach Don Williams.

Across the street was the Gore home built by Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Gore.

Continuing up the street, we come to the home built and first occupied by Dave and Libby Lewis. When they moved, Daryll Hobart “Bart” Harvey, a retired U.S.

Navy commander who was then-Concord President Joe Marsh’s assistant, moved in with his family.

The last home on the street belonged to Sally Holroyd Hayes, the widow of a Williamson physician. It had a patio under a cherry tree.

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