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June 16

BURGLARY: Deputy J.J. Ruble responded to a call at Mercer Mall Road in reference to a burglary. The caller stated that they witnessed a male subject forced entry into a home. On the scene, Ruble made contact with a female suspect in a black Chevrolet Equinox that was in the driveway of the residence. When asked if anyone was in the home she, Jessica White, 37, of Princeton, stated yes. At that time a male suspect, identified as John Webb, 35, of Pipestem, came down the driveway and was instructed to turn around with his hands behind his back. He was then handcuffed. At this time Sheriff Bailey arrived on scene and secured the female suspect. At this time Webb became agitated demanding to speak with the female and to have a cigarette. After being told he could talk to her he continued to be combative. As deputies attempted to secure him Webb spit at Deputy Horn which struck him in the face. Deputies then placed him in the back of the cruiser. Ruble observed the back door of the residence to be kicked in and the house to be rifled through. Employees of the business next door to the home stated they witnessed Webb enter the home after looking to see if anyone was around. Items found within the vehicle were found and believed to be possibly related to other burglaries in the area.

June 17

DUI: Deputy L.L. Adair responded to the area of Brushwork in reference to a call of an intoxicated male near the roadway. While in route Addair was informed by Mercer 911 that the male was attempted to flee the area in a vehicle. Once on scene, Addair observed the vehicle and blocked it with his patrol car to prevent the suspect from fleeing. The driver was observed to be slumped over the steering wheel crying with the vehicle in reverse. Addair then instructed the male, Mack Phelps, 46, of Bluefield, to place the vehicle in park and turn the vehicle off. Phelps advised Addair that he was crying over his ex and was en route to the gas station to get a beer. Addair observed Phelps to be sweaty, with bloodshot eyes and having an odor of alcoholic beverage. In the floor board of the vehicle, Addair observed several beer cans as well as a FourLoko. Phelps then agreed to perform a preliminary breath test which resulted in a 0.157. Mercer 911 then advised that Phelps was wanted in Tennessee for a probation violation and also by the Bluefield City Police Department. He was then transported to the Sheriff’s Department where he performed a field sobriety test. During the test, Phelps failed to perform the tasks properly and continually rolled his eyes, before he refused to complete the tests.

June 19

MOTOR VEHICLE THEFT: Deputy J.A. Conner responded to Princeton in reference to a stolen vehicle complaint. Once on the scene, the complainant advised that their truck had been stolen from their residence. They advised that their 2003 Chevrolet K1500 had been stolen from the driveway as it had the keys inside. They stated that they witnessed the truck move while they were inside their home. The complainant stated that they witnessed a large male suspect and a small male suspect driving the truck away. The complainant stated that they attempted to follow the pair but that the second vehicle they were in had gotten stuck at an intersection. The complainant stated that they found the vehicle on Eads Mills Road behind an office but that no one was around and the keys were missing. They stated they returned home and called 911. Conner then traveled to the location given and located the vehicle and observed a container of Clorox wipes on the ground not far from the truck. Conner also witnessed many wipes on the ground. The vehicle was placed on hold until further investigation.

June 20

BURGLARY: Lt. Ruble and Deputy T. Lacy responded to a report of a residence being ransacked. The caller stated they found the cabinets and draws to be riffled through and everything to be out of place. They also stated that they found the screen door pushed in and the back door to be pried open. The caller stated that they contacted an ex to see if they had done the damage to which they stated no, but that they had been contacted by a Corporal Horn of the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department regarding John and Jessica Webb. The pair had been involved with multiple burglaries and Horn informed the individual that a prescription pill bottle of their’s was found in Webb’s vehicle. The complainant stated he could not find anything missing at the time and the case is under further investigation.

DUI: Deputy J.E. Parks and Deputy J.A. Conner were traveling in the area of Bent Mountain Road when they observed a white Toyota Tacoma partially parked in the roadway. They observed a male that was unconscious at the driver seat. Conner then approached the vehicle and observed a strong smell of alcohol as well as the keys in the ignition. Conner also observed empty beer cans in the vehicle as well. After waking the suspect up, he identified himself as Alvin Wood Jr., 55, of Peterstown. Wood advised that he had multiple drinks and agreed to performing a field sobriety test. During the test, Wood failed to perform the proper tasks. Wood then agreed to a preliminary breath test to which he unsuccessfully blew into the device multiple times. Wood then successfully blew with a result of 0.185 BAC.

June 22

DUI: Deputy W.E. Rose was advised by Mercer 911 that an ambulance was following a vehicle that was driving sporadically. The vehicle, a black Hyundai, had turned toward Bluebell and was driving all over the roadway. The vehicle had reportedly nearly struck other vehicles as well as the guardrail. Rose then observed the vehicle to be swerving from left to right into the other lane of travel. After conducting a traffic stop, Rose made contact with the driver, Cynthia Goad, 59, of Pearisburg, and asked her to step out of the vehicle. Upon doing this, she had to use the vehicle to steady herself. When asked if she had taken any substances she stated only her prescribed Gabapentin. Rose observed a straw protruding from Goad’s shirt. When asked about the straw she stated it was nothing. Rose observed her pupils to be pinpoint and to not react to light. After agreeing to a field sobriety test she began attempting to stand on one leg though she was not asked to do so. She also continually fell down and tried again. When asked is she would agree to a blood draw test Goad agreed and was transported to Princeton Community Hospital. Once at the hospital Rose instructed Goad to remove the straw from her shirt to which she again stated was nothing. With a nurse in the room, Rose instructed her to turn her back toward him and shake out her shirt. After doing so a straw fell from under her shirt. She advised Rose she didn’t want him to find it. In her purse was methadone, Alprazolam, and Gabepantine. Goad did not have a prescription for Methadone.

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