Mercer Sheriff's Department blotter...

May 5

DUI: Deputy W.E. Rose responded to the Memorial Funeral Home on Athens Road in Princeton in reference to a male slumped over the wheel of a vehicle. Mercer 911 advised that the vehicle had driven through the yard of a neighboring residence. upon arrival, Rose witnessed a white male sitting in a maroon Subaru with Virginia registration. The motor was running and the driver appeared to be asleep. The driver window was partially down and the sunroof was partially open. It was raining on both him and the interior of the vehicle. After knocking on the door several times he raised his head. After looking around for a few seconds he laid his head down again. After more attempts of Rose knocking and yelling at the man inside, he finally opened the door. The man, Christopher Myers, 29, of Pembroke, Va., turned the vehicle off after instruction to do so. When asked to step out of the vehicle Myers nearly fell to the ground and took several minutes to regain his composure. Rose observed him be continually unsteady and took great lengths of time to respond to simple questions. Myers was only able to open one eye, to the point that Rose believed him to only have one eye. After several minutes, Myers was finally able to open his other eye. Rose observed that both eyes were bloodshot. When asked if he had driven through the yards Myers advised that he hadn’t been driving and the car had only been parked. Rose then asked how he got the car into the parking lot to which Myers responded he hadn’t moved it and it had only been in the parking lot. Rose observed there to be grass on the car’s tires and inner fenders. Rose also observed a needle cap in the door handle of the driver’s side door as well as fresh needle marks on Myers’ arm. Due to the weather and the location of the incident he was not given a field sobriety test.

BREAKING AND ENTERING: Deputy A.S. Primmer and Deputy A.C. Altice responded to an activated burglary alarm in Montcalm Highschool. After arriving at the school the deputies were met with the key holder. They were informed that the alarm had gone off near the stage and cafeteria area. Deputies then entered the school and check multiple rooms near the front entrance. In the computer lab Primmer observed it as clear but a laptop connector had been disconnected as well as a charging station with an entire row of ten laptops to be missing. Whether the laptops were stolen or broken has not been determined. When within the band room deputies observed the roof access panel to be completely open. Altice climbed the ladder to investigate the roof and observed that there were no footprints. Altice locked the roof panel and descended the ladder. After searching all floors and rooms they searched the front lawn and found what appeared to be tire tracks in the grass. it appeared that the subject backed to the adjacent lower wall. Pictures were taken of the tire tracks by deputies. Altice believes that the suspect backed up to the wall to access the roof. Deputies continued to search and discovered that the rear stairwell door was unlocked along with the inner door of the stairwell that connects to the library. The side entrance fire exit door that connects from the hallway to the computer lab was also unlocked. After searching the entire area deputies found no one on the premises.

May 7

DISORDERLY CONDUCT: Deputies received a complaint from Shadowwood Mobile Home Park in Princeton in reference to two individuals intoxicated and causing problems. Upon arrival Deputy W.E. Rose observed several small children playing basketball that advised two adults, a male and female, had been yelling and cursing them as they played. The children then stated that the female went into the woods towards her mobile home and the male was in the woods. Rose walked towards the woods and located Isaac Jones, 19, of Matoaka, W. Va., that was staggering badly. Jones also had a strong smell of alcohol coming from his person. Rose observed Jones carrying a bag containing two Steel Reserve beers. Jones was placed under arrest at that time. The female, Alyssa Whitt, 20, of Princeton, W. Va., was located at her home. Upon arrival, Whitt staggered through the hall of her home and became rude toward law enforcement. She also had a strong smell of alcohol coming from her person. Both BAC percentages were tested at the MCSD. Jones’ BAC was 0.169 percent while Whitt’s was 0.168 percent. While at the department Whitt stated that she had to use the restroom. Deputies placed her in a holding cell where she then began beating on the cell door. For her own safety deputies escorted her to the bench of the cell and attempted to restrain her from falling or hurting herself. During this Whitt continually pulled away and attempted to bite deputies. She then began striking out at deputies as well. After continually telling Whitt to refrain, and warning her of impending pepper spraying, Rose used pepper spray on Whitt. Upon spraying, she began crying. After she calmed down she was decontaminated and the processing was completed.

May 8

DRUG INVESTIGA-TION: Deputy J.A. Conner was patrolling Mercer Mall Road when he observed a 2007 white Dodge Durango traveling eastbound with a headlight out. vHe then initiated a traffic stop and observed there to be four occupants in the vehicle. When speaking to the occupants Conner asked if there was anything illegal in the vehicle. He was advised that there was not and the driver advised that he could search the vehicle if he wanted to. Conner asked the two back passengers to step out of the vehicle. They advised that they had many items in the pockets because they were in the process of moving and they had been storing things in their pockets. They also advised to have knives in their pockets and agreed to empty them for officer safety. The male subject, Joe Stephenson, 35, of Princeton, advised that he had a black container in his pocket that had “stuff,” in it. Conner found a purple straw, around two inches long, as well as many prescription pills in the container. There were thirteen Gabapentin pills and two Alprazolam (Xanax) found. Stephenson advised that the pills were prescription. Conner then informed him that prescriptions must be in the proper prescription bottle. Upon searching the vehicle Conner found a set of digital scales and a marijuana bowl. Stephenson was charged with simple possession.

May 10

DUI: Deputy D.A. Calloway responded to U.S. 460 in reference to a reckless driver call. The vehicle description was given as a black Chevrolet Monte Carlo with a Virginia license plate and damage to the front. The complainant said the driver hit the guardrail several times and then bounced into traffic. Calloway observed the subject to be traveling eastbound with the front bumper dragging along the ground. Calloway drove through the median and initiated a traffic stop. The vehicle stopped at the traffic light interesection of Ingleside Road and Mt. Horeb Road in Princeton. Calloway observed the complainant, who was stopped in the left lane, leave his vehicle and take the keys out of the driver’s ignition. The driver, Melissa Mitchem, 39, of Bluefield, Va., was observed to be disoriented and confused. Mitchell failed to produce her license when asked. She advised she had a migraine and said she had only taken Tylenol. Deputy M.R. Lacy moved the vehicle out of traffic to ensure safety. Mitchell failed to produce smooth movements during the field sobriety tests. Mitchell was placed under arrest for DUI and a syringe full of a clear substance was found in the driver’s side door.