Jan. 20

DUI-DRUGS, DRIVING WITH A REVOKED LICENSE: Deputy J. Bish observed a grey Honda CRV driving erratically. The car pulled out in front of him near Sheetz on Courthouse Rd. and crossed over the yellow line. The car then overcorrected and crossed over the fog line of the road nearly missing a road sign. Bish activated his lights but the car turned onto Stafford Dr. rather than stopping. Bish turned on his siren leading the car to finally pull over. Rather than pulling onto the shoulder, the car pulled into the median of the intersection. Bish recognized the driver as Dana Willis. Willis was reportedly acting excited and very talkative. After observing her behavior, and a strong smell of marijuana, Bish asked if she had taken anything. Willis reported that she had taken a Neurontin and smoked marijuana. When asked to step out of her vehicle Wills had difficulty finding her door handle. Once exited from the vehicle, Wills had difficulty standing on her own. As he tried to perform a field sobriety test Bish observed that the winter weather was dangerous for both he and Willis. Bish asked Willis if she was willing to agree to a blood test to which she said yes. Willis was transported to Princeton Community Hospital then to Mercer County Sheriff’s Department. While at the Sheriff’s Department Willis admitted to snorting crystal meth and smoking marijuana. After evaluation, Willis was deemed unable to drive. Officers discovered that Willis’ license had been revoked on April 25, 2012. Willis was arrested and charged with DUI-drugs and driving with a revoked license.

Jan. 25

AGGRAVATED DUI: Deputy M.R. Lacy received a call from E-911 regarding a car crash on Sand Lick Rd. in Glenwood. Upon arriving on the scene, Lacy observed the driver attempting to back the car out of the ditch. After asking three times the driver finally listened to Lacy and exited the vehicle. The driver was identified as Michael Galligher. Galligher agreed to perform a field sobriety test to which he failed and proved to have slowed motor skills. His BAC level was .166. Galligher was arrested and charged with aggravated DUI.

Jan. 26

DUI SECOND OFFENSE, DRIVING WITH A REVOKED LICENSE FIRST OFFENSE: Deputy M.T. Hatfield observed a white GMC Sierra fail to stop at a stop sign while traveling on Ambrose Lane. The vehicle then failed to stop at a red light while turning onto U.S. highway 460. As Hatfield followed, the vehicle traveled into the left lane twice before pulling over for the traffic stop. When asked where he was traveling to the driver replied, “Home from Southern X-Posure.” Hatfield observed a strong smell of alcohol coming from the driver and that his eyes were bloodshot. The driver, identified as Seth White, was asked if he’d had anything to drink to which he responded, “One or two shots of whiskey.” Hatfield discovered that White’s license was revoked due to a DUI charge in October of 2018. White agreed to perform a field sobriety test. During the test White was unable to balance and perform accordingly. His BAC level was .133. White was arrested and charged with DUI second offense and driving with a revoked license due to DUI, first offense.

Jan. 27

BURGLARY: Officer G.C. Paitsel responded to Egeria Rd. in Odd regarding a call about a burglary. The victim stated that he went to a friend’s residence on the 25th and returned home on the 26th. Upon coming home he discovered his front door broken in as well as his gun cabinet. He noticed that seven of his guns were stolen as well. The guns stolen were a Springfield 30-0.6 pump worth $300, a Winchester .270 bolt action worth $100, a Thompson Hawken .54 cal muzzleloader worth $400, an unknown make .22 bolt action rifle worth $100, an unknown make .45 cal youth muzzleloader worth $200, an unknown make .45 cal in-line muzzleloader worth $250, and an unknown make .12 gauge single shot worth $150. The total loss is approximately $1500. There is no suspect at this time and law enforcement is still investigating.

SCAM CALLS: A male subject reported to the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department saying that a man claiming to be a deputy called him demanding $2,000. The caller said that if he didn’t pay him $2,000 that an arrest warrant would be issued toward him. The subject believed the caller and purchased $2,000 worth of various gift cards. The man couldn’t remember the name given and was advised by deputies to call his bank and cancel the transactions.

SCAM CALLS: A Charleston man called the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department saying that he had received a strange call and a voicemail. The caller was impersonating Deputy Sommers and said that it was urgent the subject call back. Deputies informed the man that Sommers had not called him and that the call was a scam.

SCAM CALLS: A female subject called the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department reporting a strange call. The caller claimed to be Deputy Sommers and told her husband to report to the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department immediately or an arrest warrant would be issued. Officer Z.T. Reed informed her that it was not Sommers and that the call was a scam.

SCAM CALLS: A male subject called deputies to report a suspicious call. The caller claimed to be a Deputy Fedders with the sheriff’s department and told the subject that he had missed a DNA test. The caller said if the subject didn’t report to the office immediately that an arrest warrant would be issued toward him. The caller instructed the subject to stay on his cell phone while he drove to the Sheriff’s department but the subject didn’t have a cell phone. Officer Z.T. Reed reported that this was the fourth scam call report on the same day and that three out of the four complainants were registered sex offenders in West Virginia.

HIT AND RUN: Officer N.J. Mason responded to Black Oak Rd. in Princeton to a reported hit and run. A white pickup truck with a snow plow attached to the front hit a mailbox and fled the scene. There is no subject at this time. The Mercer County Sheriff’s Department is investigating.