Mercer County Sheriff's Blotter

June 10

SIMPLE POSSESSION, OBSTRUCTION, BATTERY ON AN OFFICER, POSSESSION OF COUNTERFEIT CURRENCY: Deputy Z. Reed and Deputy Bish responded to Sheetz on Courthouse Road in reference to subjects possibly doing drugs in the bathroom. On scene, deputies were informed that a female subject had been in the handicap stall for over an hour and staff had witnessed her snorting a substance from underneath the stall. Staff then advised that once returned to the bathroom they witnessed her passed out in the stall. Deputies entered the bathroom and announced themselves to the subject to which Bish heard her stirring. Bish asked the subject to step out to which he heard her rummaging through her purse. Once she opened the door Bish observed her placing makeup items into her bag. Bish also observed a syringe and an 8 mg. Suboxone. During the investigation, Bish asked her if she had anything in her purse that he needed to be aware of to which she stated she had money and makeup in her purse. When asked about the syringe and Suboxone the female, Diane Miracle, 31, of Parkersburg, began screaming and stating that her boyfriend placed those items there. After being asked to calm down Miracle became louder with fists clenched. Deputies then informed her that she was under arrest and that she needed to turn around. Miracle refused to place her hands behind her back. After being instructed to place her hands behind her back Miracle began pulling her hands toward her chest at which Bish took her to the ground. Miracle continued to resist officers. As she was being cuffed she flailed her legs and kicked Bish in an attempt to escape. Miracle was then secured and taken to the department for processing. Once at the department Bish observed several bills in her purse to be counterfeit. When asked about the money she quickly stated that her boyfriend had given it to her. When asked about her boyfriend she refused to provide information.

June 11

DUI DRUGS 1ST OFFENSE: Deputy M.T. Hatfield was informed by Mercer Control of a possible hit-and-run accident near Montcalm while patrolling the area. The wreck involved a black SUV to which Hatfield began searching the area. Hatfield was then informed that a vehicle matching the description was near Rock Road in a ditch. Once the scene, Hatfield observed a small black SUV with a female driver. While speaking to the driver Hatfield observed her start to fall asleep while talking. When asked if she could step out of the vehicle she did not respond. After tapping her shoulder the female stepped out of the vehicle. When asked if she had been involved in an accident near Montcalm she stated yes and said that three deer had run in front of her causing the wreck. Hatfield observed her eyes to be heavy while speaking. When asked if she had taken anything, she stated she had taken her prescribed Suboxone. After agreeing to a field sobriety test the female, Kimberly Gilley, 39, of Matoaka, fell asleep while standing. Gilley then agreed to a blood test. Gilley refused to go to the hospital after EMS asked to transport her for abrasions on her arm. Gilley was transported to the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department.

DUI DRUGS 1ST OFFENSE: Deputy M.T. Hatfield was patrolling the area of Route 20 near New Hope Road when he observed a silver Nissan Sentra traveling left of center. Hatfield observed the vehicle almost hit oncoming traffic in the left lane. After approaching the vehicle Hatfield observed the driver who asked why he was being stopped. While the driver, Anthony Banks Jr., 22, of Bluefield, was getting his information Hatfield observed a strong smell of marijuana. When asked if he had been smoking marijuana he stated that he had earlier but that there was none in the car. Banks gave consent for the vehicle to be searched. Hatfield observed his eyes to be bloodshot and watery. Corporal G.C. Paitsel arrived on scene to assist in the search. Deputies did not locate any marijuana after searching the vehicle. When asked if he would submit to a blood draw, Banks responded no. Banks was then placed under arrest and transported to the Sheriff’s Department. Banks was placed in a holding cell while Hatfield began filing a search warrant for Banks’ blood to determine if he was impaired. After Sgt. W.E. Rose retrieved Banks from the cell for processing he informed that he would submit to the blood test. Banks informed Hatfield that he was sorry for the inconvenience and he did want to submit to the test. Banks also stated that he had marijuana in his system and he apologized. Banks was transported to Princeton Community Hospital then back to the MCSD.

June 13

DUI (DRUGS), SIMPLE POSSESSION (COCAINE): Deputy M.T. Hatfield was patrolling for the Governor’s Highway Safety Program when he received a tip of a possible DUI near the BB&T near Stafford Drive. He was informed that a female driver had hit multiple things in the bank’s parking lot. The female was reportedly driving a blue Chevrolet Lumina and was reportedly falling asleep while in the drive-through. After performing a traffic stop on the vehicle Hatfield asked the driver if she would submit to a field sobriety test to which she agreed. The driver, Stacey Johnson, 43 of Princeton, failed to provide smooth movements during the tests. Johnson also failed to stand on her own and wobbled repeatedly. When asked if she would submit to a blood test she refused. Johnson was then placed under arrest. Hatfield spoke with the elderly male in the vehicle that informed the purse he had was Johnsons’. Hatfield searched the purse and found a latex glove, a white rock substance inside of a plastic bag. When asked what the substance was the female stated she was unsure and thought it to be Suboxone. Once at the department Hatfield asked Deputy J.S. Bish, who is a certified drug recognition expert, about the substance and the female. After observing the female Bish stated he believed her to be impaired. The substance also tested positive for cocaine. Johnson also has an active warrant in Bluefield, W. Va.