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PRINCETON — The Mercer County Animal Shelter is seeing a lull in animal adoptions thus far into the new year.

According to Shelter Director, Stacey Harman, the shelter typically sees a dip in adoption rates after Christmas. With the first month of the new year almost over, Harman is hoping to see adoptions rise rather than fall.

“Usually after Christmas, we usually see a lot of them [animals] brought back,” Harman said.

Unlike other years where the shelter sees a high number of dogs and cats being brought back after being adopted only a few of them have been surrendered, Harman said.

Not only does this result in more animals without a home it also adds more animals to the shelter’s population. This can cause the shelter to quickly run out of supplies such as food.

While the shelter often sees a decrease in adoptions during this time of year they do see an increase in animal complaints, Harman said. These calls can range from animals being left in the element, animal neglect and more.

These calls can result in the seizure of the animal in question which also adds to the shelter’s number of animals housed.

On top of the two aforementioned causes of shelters increasing the number of housed animals residents often bring in animals to the shelter during the colder months. According to Harman residents often see stray animals outdoors and bring them to the shelter.

Another reason that Harman believes winter adoption is low is due to people’s funds being low after Christmas spending. This can obviously affect people’s ability to purchase a new furry companion.

To aid those who are looking to adopt but may not be able to afford the costs, Harman and the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department is offering a weekly program entitled Pet Patrol.

On a weekly basis Det. L.L. Addair of the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department will feature a different animal from the shelter on the Mercer County Animal Shelter’s Facebook. Addair will list the animal’s personality traits, breed, age and more.

Adoption fees for the featured animal will be reduced for the full week of their feature.

For more information contact the Mercer County Animal Shelter at 304-425-2838.

Contact Emily D. Coppola at

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