Katherine McCurry

PRINCETON — Friends remember the late Katherine McCurry not only for her work at the Mercer County Animal Shelter, but also for how she made dogs feel loved during their last moments of life and tried to mend an injured turtle’s shell.

Katherine Trail McCurry of Princeton was 95 when she passed away peacefully on June 14. She was a retired seamstress at Maidenform, Inc., and a former president of the Mercer County Humane Society. One friend, Jean Anastasio, now living in South Charleston, recalled how McCurry would spend weekends at the shelter to help care for the dogs and cats.

Sometimes McCurry would perform the sad duty of euthanizing an animal, but even then she tried to give them comfort, Anastasio said. She would tied a dog into her shirt and hold it close until it had passed away.

“She said she wanted them to feel loved until they were gone,” Anastasio stated.

And this love for animals wasn’t reserved for dogs and cats. One time McCurry tried to mend an injured turtle’s shell, and there were instances when she took sick animals home so they could keep getting care.

Anastasio remembered one time when she was talking to McCurry on the phone and heard a chicken in the background.

“She said it had sore feet and she took it home to rub its feet so it didn’t hurt,” Anastasio recalled. “There were so many similar stories.”

McCurry often visited the Bluefield Daily Telegraph to bring photographs of dogs and cats available for adoption. Former news clerk Sue Richmond got to know McCurry and soon learned that she never gave up on helping a homeless pet.

“She found a dog on a parking lot,” Richmond said. “It was Yorkie (Yorkshire Terrier) and I took him home. I ended up adopting him. She was great with animals. I know she never turned one down. If she found one, she found a home for it. She didn’t give up on one, no.”

Anastasio said McCurry must have had a lot of company when she passed away. She knew of the Rainbow Bridge, a place in heaven where beloved pets play and wait for their former owners.

“Sunday night must have been very busy at Rainbow Bridge with all her furry friends to greet her,” she said.

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