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Pictured above, from left, are Dr. Rowena Chambers, Dr. David Mullins, and PCH President and CEO Karen Bowling.

PRINCETON — A local physician’s work to insure that patients receive quality cancer treatment at local health facilities and hospitals across the country was recognized Tuesday when he was presented the Commission on Cancer’s 2021 Liaison Physician Outstanding Performance Award.

Dr. David Mullins, MD, was presented a certificate during a meeting at Princeton Community Hospital. Mullins is a cancer liaison physician

“It was a little bit surprising,” Mullins said after receiving the award. “It’s unusual for things to get done around here and not know about it, and I was nominated without knowing about it. It was very nice. I’ve put a lot of work on the Commission on Cancer at various levels and it was nice to receive an award back. It’s an usual situation for me to be in. I’m a bit overwhelmed.”

The Commission on Cancer is a consortium of different of health care groups representing physicians in surgery, radiation oncology, hospital administration, nursing and other parts of the medical profession, Mullins stated. They have a quality program under the umbrella of the American College of Surgeons supplies a long list of standards that they think cancer care in the United States should be delivered at.

It is a very rigorous process that outlines the care that cancer patients should be able to receive, Mullins said.

“And actually 85 percent of patients in the United States will have part of their care done in one of accredited facilities across the country, so it’s a really far reaching set of standards,” he said.

Princeton Community Hospital has had this cancer treatment certification for 26 years, Mullins said. It is the only program south of Charleston, he added. Mullins has been doing reviews at other hospitals for about six years.

“It is a great honor. I really stress that it’s a team effort. It was a very nice thing to have. It’s going to something that’s going to have me stepping up my game next year to continue on with the level of excellence we try to give our patients here,” he said.

Colleagues and hospital officials congratulated Mullins for receiving the award.

“We have a certified community cancer program here at Princeton Community Hospital,” Karen Bowling, president and CEO of Princeton Community Hospital said. “We are very honored that Dr. Mullins was selected in a group of 80 from across the country as being the cancer liaison person of the year.”

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