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Chief Deputy Alan Christian watches as Judy Moody of Software Systems, Inc., demonstrates the department’s new online tax payment system.

PRINCETON — In the recent past, paying property taxes always meant visiting the Mercer County Courthouse and lining up outside the sheriff’s department tax office, but a new online option is letting the county’s citizens pay their taxes at home.

Mercer County is among the West Virginia counties now using new tax collection software created by Software Systems, Inc. in Morgantown. People with Software Systems have been installing the tax office’s new system.

“Last month, the sheriff’s department and the county commission came to an agreement to hire Software Systems to update our tax payments; not only online tax payments, but tax payments in house,” said Chief Deputy A.P. Christian. “A total revamp of the whole tax system here.”

Christian said the new system will make it easy to pay county taxes online and avoid trips to the courthouse. This sort of option is becoming especially helpful in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“You’ve got COVID. Nobody wants to come out. Everybody’s paying these high gas prices. This allows you to sit at home after work and pay your taxes online,” he stated.

Estate and personal taxes can be paid on the new system. The only thing resident won’t be able to do online is take care of Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) stickers, Christian said.

“Everything you need to do as far as the county tax department can be taken care of here, but you still have to come in person to get DMV related,” he added.

The website is, said Judy Moody of Software Systems, Inc.

“That takes you to our Software Systems site where you can see all of the other customers we have in the state,” Moody said. “And you if want to do an online tax search, click on a county or pull the window down and click on a county.” She pointed out a West Virginia county map. “Everybody in blue is a customer of ours. Here’s Mercer County. Click on there and there’s the search.”

County residents can submit their name and see what taxes need to be paid– such as personal property and real estate – then pay them online, she said. Property maps provide information such as sales history.

“It takes you to, based on the district map,” Moody said. “This is if you’re just looking. If you want to pay, just click on Pay Online.”

Payments go through a credit card processor, she stated.

“It’s ready to roll now,” Christian said. “And if anybody has questions or issues, they can contact the tax department at 304-487-8363.”

“We’ve had a lot of complaints in the past about our online tax system,” Sheriff Tommy Bailey said. “This will make it a lot simpler and make it easier.”

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