Cookbook full of history

Terri Carter, granddaughter of Lloyd Davis Sr., showcases several cookbooks featuring recipes from the well-known Lloyd’s Pastry Shop.

PRINCETON — Many Princeton residents remember Lloyd’s Pastry Shop, which was open in Princeton for 51 years, for the pepperoni rolls, birthday cakes and several other bakery treats. Those recipes are now available in a cookbook that honors the shop and the owner himself.

Lloyd’s Pastry Shop was started by the late Lloyd Davis Sr. Davis previously worked as a baker for the Civilian Conservation Corps, the Navy and several bakeries in Las Vegas and West Virginia.

Davis married wife, Leona in 1946 and had three children, Lloyd “Poochie” Jr., Sue and Gary.

He opened his first bakery in Whiteville in 1947 and then the family moved to Keystone where he sold items out of a truck starting in 1948.

Davis opened Lloyd’s Pastry Shop in Princeton in 1950 and was famous for his butter rolls and pepperoni rolls. Customers also enjoyed the bakery’s birthday cakes, which became a family tradition for many.

In 1983 Davis retired and his son Davis Jr. and wife Nancy took over the business. However, Davis Sr. continued to help at the shop until it closed in January 2001.

Davis spent time baking until he became ill. He passed away in May 2013 at the age of 92.

Terri Carter, Davis Sr.’s granddaughter, and her family decided to honor the memory of the pastry shop and its owner by releasing “ Lloyd’s Pastry Shop: History in the Baking.” The cookbook has many well-known recipes from the bakery, including hand-written copies from Davis himself. Family members worked to break down the recipes into smaller quantities.

It also includes interviews from former employees, family photographs and a history of Davis and the shop written by Carter’s daughter, McKenzie, who submitted the story for a social studies fair project a few years ago.

“It’s a cookbook and memory book,” said Carter.

When the cookbooks first went on sale, Carter presold about 800 and received a lot of response from people on Facebook. Once the cookbook was released Carter said about 1,250 were sold in the first week.

“We’re expecting another order on Friday,” said Carter, and added she will continue to order the books as long as the demand continues.

Carter’s sister, Sherri Hull, will be at Princeton Middle School Saturday, March 28 from 1-5 p.m. during the school’s Spring Fling event for order pickups. Cookbooks may be purchased during that time as well.

The cookbooks are on sale for $15 and proceeds will be donated to Princeton Middle School’s Bible in the Schools program.

“My grandfather was a wonderful Christian man,” said Carter. “We just wanted an organization to be able to benefit.”

As a way to assist fellow bakers with the recipes, Davis Jr. has posted several how-to videos on YouTube that can be found on the Lloyd’s Pastry Shop Facebook page.

To order a cookbook visit the Facebook page or email Carter at

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