Fun for the family

Community members paint pottery at the grand opening of Artistic Adventures on Thursday, July 18

PRINCETON — After renovating and revamping, a local business has opened its doors to those who seek to explore their creativity.

Previously known as Let Your Art Shine, after coming under new ownership the business, now entitled Artistic Adventures still offers the same creative energy. With the opportunity to paint a piece of pottery exactly how you would like it, the business offers a plethora of opportunities.

“We saw the previous owners were selling this [the business] and we thought we could expand on it,” Cecelia Thompson, one of the four owners, said.

Thompson, Kayla Alred, Richard Rizo, and Brandon Gilbert, agreed to take the business to keep the opportunity of a creative space open for the community. At Artistic Adventures, guests have the opportunity to select a piece of pre-made pottery and paint or glaze it however they would like.

Of their expansion on the business, the owners are also going to be offering workshops to visitors. In this, those who sign up can participate in multiple mediums and learn more about artistic opportunities.

“Guests can paint their own pottery and we’ll have workshops with all different types of art mediums,” Thompson said. According to Thompson, the owners are also planning to offer art supplies for sale here artists can stop in and buy what they need at their convenience.

Thompson, who owns Starry Eyes Media, is familiar with the Grassroots District, where Artistic Adventures is located and is glad to see the area blossom. Along with the area growth, she would like to see artistic opportunities to be offered to the area.

“As an artist, I don’t see a whole lot outside of college classes and public school classes,” Thompson said, “We want our classes to be open to the public. Anyone can come, you don’t need to be an artist.”

Hours of operation are from 4 to 9 Thursday through Friday, 12 to 9 on Saturday, and closed on Sunday.

For more information on the business call at 304-800-4060 or visit them on Facebook at @artisticadventuresstudio.

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