Courthouse Road clean up

Volunteers gave up part of their holiday time Monday to keeping Mercer clean during the annual Christmas Eve Litter Pick-up along Courthouse Road in Princeton.

PRINCETON — Volunteers worked Monday along one of the Mercer County’s busiest roads to give the county’s citizens an extra-early Christmas present.

County Commissioner Greg Puckett, Litter Control Officer Josh Parks, and several volunteers put on their gloves and collected the trash that had accumulated along Courthouse Road.

“We do an annual holiday cleanup as part of Keep Mercer County Clean,” Puckett said. “It’s our gift to Mercer County. A cleaner Mercer County is a gift to all. We got from the top of Courthouse Road all the way down to Ramey Ford.”

Puckett said two truckloads of trash were hauled away by the time the cleanup was finished. The holidays are a good time for cleaning up along roadsides.

“It was pretty bad. The last time we cleaned up that road was back in March,” he recalled. “If anybody wants to join in during the holidays, it’s a good time of the year to do it. You can get down in the weeds pretty easily because everything has kind of died off. When we do it in the spring, it’s the same kind of deal. It’s a good time to collect garbage, especially on the high-traffic roads. You just kind of have to go after it.”

Puckett said the amount of trash being collected along the county’s roadsides has been decreasing.

“It’s better,” he stated. “I think people are being a little more respectful, but there are times when (trash) just accumulates on these major roads.”

People with the Mercer County Day Report Center recently collected trash along other roadways.

“They’ve been taking advantage of this warm weather and they’ll be out next week,” Puckett said. “And they’re always great to work with.”

The Keep Mercer Clean campaign will kick off its first meeting on the first or second week of February 2020. Puckett said the campaign has reached out to Mercer County Schools so students can participate in Keep Mercer Clean’s contest, Trash to Treasure. Students will use litter to make original works of art.

This year’s campaign will run from March 20 to April 30, 2020. One goal is to make the county look good for visitors.

“We just want to get out and make sure we’re ready for tourist season,” Puckett said. “It’s hard to keep it clean and we have a lot of traffic. There are a lot of people coming into our county and we just want to make sure it looks good.”

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