Richard Wayne Ellison

PRINCETON — A bond stayed in place Wednesday for a Mercer County man who was arrested last May and charged with second-degree murder after his neighbor was found dead outside his Reese Harmon Ridge home.

A bond hearing for Richard Wayne Ellison, 48, of the Rock area was held before Circuit Court Judge William Sadler. Ellison was arrested May 17 after the death of Benny Foutch, 72, of Reese Harmon Ridge Road. The case started when members of the Princeton Rescue Squad answered a call about mental hygiene and found the victim’s body outside his home.

Detective-Corporal M.S. Horn, the case’s lead investigator, stated in his criminal complaint that when they found the victim on his porch, “blood was coming from his orbital sockets.”

Ellison’s girlfriend later told detectives that “Richard had made some comments about the rooster belonging to Benny Foutch bothering him with the noises it made. She advised he went up there and that she heard some beating noise on the building area where the rooster was kept and then she heard some angry yelling,” according to Horn’s report. “She had left because she was afraid of Richard Ellison and how he was acting. She later came back and advised that Richard Ellison admitted to her that he killed the rooster and that he killed him, pointing up to Benny’s residence.”

Horn said that he interviewed Ellison after advising him about his Miranda Rights.

“I asked him what happened with him and Benny, he then made the hand motion of pressing his thumbs to his eyes,” Horn said in the report. “He advised he went up there to kill the rooster because of a movie he had watched and because it was crowing. He later explained that he pressed his thumbs into Benny’s eyes, he advised that he stayed there until he knew Benny was dead. He made the statement that he killed him, referring to the incident with Benny. He made a reference that Lucifer made him do it. He kept asking me to shoot him, that he deserved it. He then talked about getting somebody in the jail to kill him.”

Sadler ruled against changing Ellison’s bond and remanded him back to the Southern Regional Jail. Ellison is being held on a $150,000 bond with a condition of home confinement if he is released on bond, according to records at the Mercer County Circuit Clerk’s Office.

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