PRINCETON — The three incumbents in the Princeton City Council at-large election Tuesday were the winners according to the unofficial vote compilations Tuesday night at the old Princeton Municipal Building.

Current Mayor David Graham had 172 votes; Councilman James Hill had 140 and Councilman Dewey Russell had 116. Of the two newcomers, Chris Thornton garnered 112 votes and Tim Browning 46. Leslie Hopkins, who withdrew from the race but her name was still on the ballot, got 22 votes.

The breakdowns according to ward polling saw Graham win Ward I, II and III with 41, 79 and 26 votes, respectively and Thornton win Ward IV with 28 votes to Graham’s 26. Hill had 35, 59, 21 and 25 votes, respectively. Russell had 30, 46, 21 and 19 votes, respectively, while Thornton had 18, 56 and 10 votes in the other three wards. Browning had10, 18, 8 and 10 votes, respectively, while Hopkins had 4, 7, 6 and 5 votes, respectively.

Browning said, “It’s been an interesting experience. I am happy to be involved with the process. I really want to thank everyone who took the time to vote with a good turnout and I really learned a lot and I’ll try again in the future.”

Hill commented, “It was tougher than last time. During the campaign, we had a lot of things that were brought up for us to work on, plus we need to publicize better the things we are doing. I want to thank everyone who voted . We’re all in this together.”

Graham added, “I want to first thank everyone who voted. It’s been a learning process in this election with tight races and good candidates. As it now appears, the three incumbents will be re-elected. I’m pleased with the way the election turned out. This Council has done a lot of good and we hope that it will continue.”

Russell was unavailable for comment and Thornton declined comment.

City Clerk Ken Clay said the votes will be canvassed on Monday.

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