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The Hatter's Bookshop has outgrown their current location and will be moving to their new location next door. 

PRINCETON — One local business is increasing its size by moving into a new location.

The Hatter’s Bookshop, located on Mercer Street, has announced its moving into the vacant building next door. With the building vacant for some time, bookshop owner Tammy Dotson recognized the business opportunity.

“We see the progress and enthusiasm of Princeton. The Grassroots District is blossoming,” Dotson said, “Now is the time to invest.”

Though the shop will be moving they are planning to stay open for, “As long as we can,” Dotson said. Customers are ever welcome to visit and browse the vast selection of books until they temporarily close their doors to finish their moving and remodeling. The date for this has not been set yet.

As far as plans for the new building goes, Dotson has some projects in the works. With three stories now available, she is hoping to achieve her multiple interesting ideas.

“The shop will only be on the main level primarily because we have a lot of older customers,” Dotson said.

Once the business is fully moved and settled in to the new location, then the focus will shift to the second floor. As for the middle level, with a few loft apartments, Dotson’s, “Hopes and dreams,” are for an Airbnb location.

Airbnb is an organization that offers tourism stays other than hotel visits. Here guests are able to stay in more home-like environments. With this tourists will be able to stay in the Grassroots District and see what Princeton has to offer.

As for the third and final floor, it will be the final stage of the project. “It just needs some sprucing up and it would make a beautiful home for somebody,” Dotson said of the apartment.

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