Swearing In

James Hill, David Graham, and Dewey Russell are sworn in by Ken Clay at the Princeton City Council's reorganizational meeting Monday in Princeton

PRINCETON — The Princeton City Council decided to stay on the same path when it came to governing the city for the new year by re-electing David Graham as Mayor and Tim Ealy as Vice Mayor at their reorganizational meeting Monday at the Princeton Municipal Building.

City Attorney Paul Cassell called the meeting to order and asked City Clerk Ken Clay to give the oaths of office to at-large Councilmen Graham, Dewey Russell and Jim Hill who were re-elected to Council in June.

After the swearing-ins, Cassell called for nominations for Mayor. Russell immediately nominated Graham and there were no other nominations. After he was sworn-in as Mayor by Clay, Graham nominated Ealy to again serve as Vice-Mayor and Clay swore him in.

Both Graham and Ealy will be serving their second consecutive year in their respective positions, after serving a partial year before.

Graham said, “I appreciate the honor and appreciate Council for their support and advice. I also want to thank our department heads and city workers for all they do to keep the city running smoothly. We’ve got a lot of things going on, with the work on the new City Hall, flood control and the growth downtown and on Rogers Street.”

His top priority for the new year, he added, was to get the Princeton Fire Department located in the new municipal building.

Graham kept the city council committees intact with Councilwoman Jacqueline Rucker and Russell on the Public Works and Recreation Committee; Ealy and Hill on the Public Safety Committee; and Councilmen Marshall Lytton and Jim Harvey on the Finance & Administration Committee (Graham serves on all three committees). He also kept Harvey to represent the city on the Region I Planning & Development Council and Russell to represent the city on the Chamber of Commerce of the Two Virginias and the Mercer County Convention & Visitors Bureau.

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