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Vincent ‘Mudd Man’ Rogers, Brandon Fain and Shawn Vest talk about the importance of the expansion project at the Gold and Blue Cabin Rentals in Bluewell.

BLUEWELL — Rather than an isolated ATV riding experience, one business is offering guests a welcoming and interactive experience with the community.

Gold and Blue Cabin Rentals in Bluewell is eager to turn guests into friends with their inviting atmosphere. Farther than just lodging services, the business is catering to those interested in learning more about the culture surrounding ATVs.

Regarding how quickly guests and the community have embraced the business, one of the owners, Shawn Vest, said “It’s been phenomenal how fast. We never dreamed in what would have been the time we’ve been open that we’d be expanding. We had plans that that was our intentions but nowhere near this quick.”

According to Vest, the business has had to expand by several more cabins due to pure necessity. With so much interest by both new and repeat guests, the business has expanded to eight cabins completed with five currently in progress.

According to another of the owners, Brandon Fain, there are two different styles of cabins.

“One type is set up for more groups and things, they don’t have full kitchens but they have a fridge and a microwave. On the hill it will be private bedrooms with private showers and full kitchens and living rooms,” Fain said.

Set back on a mountain in Bluewell, the business site allows guests a birds-eye view of the community and the beyond mountainous wilderness. From fog rolling over the mountains in the mornings to colorful sunsets resting along the mountain tops, guests are able to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The businesses’ location also allows guests the convenience to stores, restaurants and the ATV trails. Vest explained that local restaurants have been very kind and welcoming to riders and even begun to recognize them.

According to Vince Rogers, also known as Mudd Man, a celebrity within the ATV community, Mercer County is the kindest community he’s ridden in. Not only is Rogers a lover of ATV tourism but he also works as a tour guide for Gold and Blue Cabins.

“I can actually see how the community is embracing us and the riders. I have new riders that come up and they’re just blown away at how welcoming the Mercer County community is. I’m seeing signs that say ‘ATV riders welcome’ just popping up all over all the businesses and it’s really cool,” Rogers said.

Rogers is well known on social media through his Facebook and YouTube pages where he shares his riding adventures. To see his videos find him on Facebook at Vince Mudd Man Rogers or on YouTube at Mudd Man Adventures. For Rogers, this is less of a business venture and more of a passion.

“I don’t even think of it as a tour or a guide. The way we started Mudd Man adventures was to just come hang out with us at Gold and Blue. I met these guys and we have a really good thing going,” Rogers said.

Originally from North Carolina Rogers is blown away by the regulations on ATVs in the Mercer County area. With the ability to ride on the roadway Rogers states that this shows of the inclusivity of riders in the community.

“The state of West Virginia actually embraced it and they kind of changed the traffic code just a little to where if you’re within ten miles of a trailhead and wearing your helmet then you can ride the roads,” Vest said.

Fain also expressed how he’s seen guests’ excitement and convenience of being able to drive on the roadways while on their ATVs.

As for the experience of riding the outdoor trails Rogers, Fain and Vest all expressed how beneficial it is for families. Not only is it exciting but it also gets children off of the internet and outdoors.

“The side by side [ATV] industry has grown because the families are seeing that you can put the whole family in it. They’ve got four and five seaters now,” Rogers said.

According to Vest and Fain guests have come from far and wide to lodge at Gold and Blue while riding the trails. The business has seen tourists from Georgia, Michigan, Florida and have had guests from Canada book their future stay.

Rogers explained that though he’s originally from out of state the treck to Southern West Virginia is both enjoyable and not too far. After making the trip many times over he only enjoys the experience and scenery more each time.

“It’s not that bad of a drive and you get so much for the drive. For me myself I love it. You can hit the trails right here and go all the way up to all seven trails and when you ride back you’re still only about five hours away from your home,” Rogers said.

For repeat visitors, like Adam Truax, originally from Virginia, the trip to Mercer County is one well worth his time. Not only is the community inviting, the views beautiful but the trails are above and beyond.

“Here you can hit three different trail systems in one day. There’s nowhere else you can go and ride that many miles of trails. You can’t ride them all in a weekend,” Truax said.

With ATV riding being his proclaimed passion, he has riden in many different states and locations. According to him there’s “no place better” for ATV riding enthusiasts.

Though he’s been on the area trails “hundreds of times” he’s still discovering new trails with Rogers and other riders.

“The best thing about this spot for sure is the accessibility to everything like these cabins, the lodging and getting gas. Here you can get anything you need if your bike breaks there are garages right here,” Truax said.

For more information on Gold and Blue Cabin Rentals visit them on Facebook at @goldandbluecabinrentals, online at https://www.goldandbluecabins.com/, or call at 304-320-7514.

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