Sock donation

Glenwood School students carry out over 2,800 pairs of sock to representatives from the Bluefield Union Mission on recently.

GLENWOOD — In preparation for the holiday season, students of Glenwood School donated a generous amount of socks to the Bluefield Union Mission.

“I wanted to do a service project with my seventh and eighth-grade middle school choir here at the school,” choir director, Staci Paitsel said.

According to Director of the Bluefield Union Mission, Craig Hammond, socks are often looked over when donations are made to the mission. Bigger items, such as coats, are more frequently donated for winter wear. This oversight often leaves those in need with cold feet.

“We are usually out of socks to give to people. It couldn’t come at a better time and they did it in a big way. We’re beyond grateful for them it’s beyond my imagination,” Hammond said.

To be precise students collected 2,865 pairs of socks for those in need. These donations will be dispersed to those in need by way of the mission.

“The good folks at Glenwood School had this wonderful idea of making sure that some of our unfortunate neighbors had a clean pair of socks to have throughout the rest of the school year. They collected about 3,000 pairs of socks from about infant to about adult age,” Hammond said.

“We thought of the clever name Socktober, so we chose socks. They collected for the entire month of October school-wide,” Paitsel said.

As the holiday season and winter, months approach temperatures are quickly dropping. With day time highs ranging in the lower 50s nightly temperatures can be blisteringly cold.

If individuals lack the proper apparel during these chilling temperatures illnesses have the possibility of occurring. According to the Mayo Clinic website, continued exposure to icy winds and severely low temperatures can result in frostnip and frostbite.

As for whether or not the school will repeat their donation efforts, this time with different clothing items, the decision is currently in discussion.

“They said let’s do Mittens for March so maybe,” Paitsel happily said.

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