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Two workers on the courthouse renovations install a new handrail

PRINCETON — Three sunny days in a row could help finish renovations at the Mercer County Courthouse in time for a West Virginia day rededication ceremony.

For several months, county residents have been using an alternative entrance while construction workers made the courthouse’s main entrance compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations. New stairs, railings and a ramp have been installed to make the courthouse more accessible.

“Yes, it’s getting close,” County Commissioner Bill Archer said Thursday. “The only holdup is now they need three days of guaranteed sunshine in order to put the top coat of paint on it. We haven’t hit that yet, but we’re hoping it will happen next week.”

The county is required by the State Preservation Office to make the new ramps and stairs the same faded concrete color as the rest of the courthouse. Archer said the project was funded with help from the preservation office.

The hope now is to dedicate the courthouse’s new entrance, along with a new flagpole, on the day when West Virginia became a state.

“As it stands right now we don’t have anything set, but we plan to do a rededication on West Virginia, which is Friday, June 19 this year,” Archer said. “I think we’re pretty close to being there. I think there were two things that held us up.”

A missing railing piece has to be installed, and the weather has to be warm enough for the painting. There are alternate plans if the ceremony cannot be held on West Virginia Day.

“If it’s not ready to be done on West Virginia Day, we may have it on Independence Day,” Archer said.

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