New code enforcers

Nikki Alley (left) and Melissa Meachum recently became certified building inspectors, bringing the total number of inspectors with the City of Princeton's Code Enforcement Department to five.

PRINCETON – Princeton’s Code Enforcement Department now has five certified housing inspectors thanks to the fact that two new inspectors have passed their examinations.

Two new inspectors, Nikki Alley and Melissa Meachum, started working for the city in February. 

“Both of us were brought in part-time in February and since then, we have been working to learn and pass our Property Maintenance Housing Inspector tests through the International Code Council, ICC for short,” Meachum recalled. “We both certified in September, passing our examinations, which brings the total number of housing inspectors/property maintenance workers to five that are certified in the city of Princeton.”

Alley said they perform several duties.

“We both do code enforcements, we do property maintenance and we do animal control as well,” she stated. “We’re just part-time currently. We have a very good department with our Code Department. We have a wonderful team.”

The new inspector’s training included the legal aspects of code enforcement from the International Property Maintenance Code and the International Residence Code, Meachum said. These studies goes into building specifications for new construction as well as specifications for older structures. Both Meachum and Alley have been certified by the State Fire Commission, too.

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