Pollinator garden

PRINCETON — With summer, and summer pollination, in full spring, the city of Princeton is welcoming residents and guests to see local pollinators in work.

In Princeton City Park, visitors can find a Pollinator Garden, which allows them to witness pollination in process. In this garden, various flowers have been planted that are tantalizing to pollinators.

“The pollinator garden has become a very beautiful and inviting place in our public park to walk up to and enjoy seeing and studying,” City Manager, Mike Webb, said.

With pollinators including a variety of bees, butterflies, and birds, learning about the ecosystem can be thrilling for all who stop to see. Pollinators that visit the pollen hot spot include the popular yellow monarch butterflies and bumblebees.

Cultivator and planter of the garden, Becky Kidwell, seeded the flowers in hopes that it would prove to be an educational opportunity. Along with the flowers planted, Kidwell is knowledgeable in the pre-existing flowers of the city park.

“Becky has done a phenomenal job since taking over care of the garden,” Webb said, “The entire community is proud of her efforts.”

Flowers in the garden range from large sunflowers, exotic-looking bee balm, and more.

To promote the knowledge on the garden, Kidwell is set to speak on the garden and various other bloomings of the city, at Princeton Public Library on August 16 from 1 to 2. As part of the ten-day-long Peak of the Bloom event happening throughout the Princeton area, guests can learn more about the flora of Princeton.

During the Peak of the Bloom celebration, guests can participate in a plethora of nature-themed activities including a wagon tour through Camp Creek state park. With live music, art exhibits, and more, the event is sure to please those who attend.

For more information on the Pollinator Garden and the Peak of the Bloom event visit https://peakofthebloom.com/home.

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