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Donovan Duvall, Emily Lambert and Sean Figle share their thoughts on the advancement of technology heading into the year 2020, Saturday.

PRINCETON — With only a few days left of the decade people are reflecting on the technological advancement of the past ten years.

From social media to health care, technology has made many changes. Technology has certainly come a long way since 2010, but is it as far as people thought it would be?

“I think that sometimes you get ideas from television and movies and you have this idea of what technology is going to be. Sometimes in those movies, it’s a little, at least what you think it is at the time, is a little far fetched, but it puts this image in your mind of what technology would be,” Emily Lambert, co-owner of The Blue Ridge Bee Company, said.

Movie franchises such as “Star Trek” and “Star Wars” showcase technology that is far advanced than the world as we know it. From teleportation to lightsabers, these advancements can influence the ideas of technology in the future.

“I think that technology is more advanced now than I thought it would be but I think it’s advanced a little differently. You have these visions from Sci-Fi movies of virtual reality and though it’s not so much virtual reality you can connect with people through social media,” Lambert said.

Technology isn’t strictly limited to cell phones and computers though. Advancements in medical technology have progressed in many ways. According to the website MedPage Today, a kidney removal surgery would have left a patient with a large scar ten years ago, now it leaves a small single incision in the navel.

“I feel like medical and media technology is way more advanced than I thought it would be. Just the things we can do with robots in surgeries and stuff. It’s really cool and exciting things,” Donovan Duvall, visiting from the Washington D.C. area, said.

Other medical advancements include the exploration in treatment. These advancements have certainly progressed the medical field from what it was a decade ago.

Though many advancements have taken place there are still many fields that can be pushed forward, according to Duvall.

“I feel like we could be more advanced in certain areas. I think that could be especially to cultural and political ideas. Like transportation, I think we could be way more efficient when it comes to that,” Duvall said.

While advances to travel have been made they aren’t as widespread at Duvall thinks they should be. Going into the next decade he believes that this should be a focused area of subject.

“With hyper-fast trains and things, that should be everywhere. That and construction. I think construction could be advanced to build buildings much faster and smarter,” Duvall said.

With many advancements in technology being made every day, the announcements of progression get to be monotonous to some. In cell phones alone from 2010 to now, there have been many models of iPhones, from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 11 pro max.

“To be honest I don’t know if I ever even considered ten years ago where technology would be today,” Sean Figle, of Princeton, said.

The popular video chat feature on Apple products, FaceTime, has only been around since the middle of 2010, according to the website CNet. Since then the technology has been advanced for multiple people to video chat all at once.

“Technology changes so fast. I didn’t have a ten-year prediction for that. I guess technology is about where I expected it to be, I suppose,” Figle said.

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